Enjoyable CNY Steamboat Set with Family at Steamboat Factory Kuchai Lama

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😍CNY is around the corner and I found a great place for family/friends gathering for a steamboat together at Steamboat Factory located at Kuchai Lama. Pleasant dining environment and inviting vibes. We ordered the 5 pax steamboat set that comes in a perfect combination of steamboat ingredients.

This sets comes with Fresh Tiger Prawns, half shelf scallops, pork slice, pork belly, Homemade Dumpling, ring roll, fried beancurd, seafood tofu, crabstick, lettuce, cabbage spinach noodle, yee Mee, white radish, mushroom platter and signature Homemade ball (pork, chicken, fish, prawn). 💕 This set is for RM 268. Comes with 2 choices of soup. We can choose from Mala Soup, Pork Bone soup, Clear soup, Tom Yam soup, Pepper Pork Stomach soup or Tomato soup.

We opt for Pork Bone Soup and Tomato Soup. The broth is delicious and flavourful. The steamboat ingredients are fresh and we enjoy every bite. 👍 Definitely the ultimate dining destination to have a steamboat moment together. This CNY set is from 1 Feb to 25 Feb 2024. 8 pax set is available at RM 428.

Besides that, Steamboat factory offers All You can Eat Buffet. There are variety of fresh steamboat ingredients that you can choose from. Dining time is 120 minutes. There are fresh seafood, vegetables, noodles, meat slices, dessert, snacks, drinks and etc.

Buffet package:

🎉 Regular

🍲 Buffet hotpot RM38.80+ per person

🍲🍢Buffet Hotpot + BBQ RM48.80+ per person

🎊 Premium

🍲 Buffet hotpot RM55.80+ per person

🍲🍢 Buffet hot pot + barbecue RM65.80+ per person

Moreover, many choices of CNY biscuit series are available too. 

✨Hop on to Steamboat Factory if you are looking for hot aromatic soup.

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