Alcohol Max Defense from Nano Singapore

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We need to take care of our health as we aged

Nano Singapore provides me with the best supplement that I need the most.

Alcohol Max Defense - best hangover cure

Alcohol Max Defense is an all-rounder liver defense and detox supplement that enables you to enjoy alcohol, without worries. Alcohol Max Defense is your new Best Hangover Cure. Drink responsibly and hastens your recovery with this rich blended formulation.


Proprietary 24 powerful ingredients alcohol relief formula for fast acting relief



Aids Post- Party recovery

Wake up refreshed

Supports healthy drink metabolism

Supports healthy liver function

Supports cleansing and detoxification



Japanese raisin – Mitigates hangover symptoms

Milk thistle – protects liver from alcohol damage

L – Glutathione – repairs alcohol -induced cellular damage

Turmeric – prevents alcohol-related liver dysfunction

Ginger – eases alcohol related stomach upset

Quercetin – guards liver against alcohol injury

Thiamine – converts alcohol to energy

Riboflavin – reduces drinking discomfort

Potassium – maintains fluid balance post-alcohol

Nano Singapore is the Singapore's Favorite Award Winning Wellness Brand that was started on a simple, powerful idea to Help People Live Happier Through Wellness Innovation. Develops the best health solutions using the latest research and scientific findings. Nano Singapore source for high quality ingredients with leading raw material suppliers globally. All ingredient choices must comply with the strict ingredients policy to be verified as safe, functional and appropriate.  All appointed manufacturers to be FDA registered (or equivalent) and GMP certified.

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Overall this product does help me to maintain my health especially to safe guard my liver function and also ensure I get the good quality of supplement for my body.


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