Catitude at Wangsa Biz Avenue KL

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 0 Comments A+ a-


If you’re obsessed with cats, you can check out Catitude located at First Floor Wangsa Biz Avenue. This is my first visit to Cat cafe place and I am quite impressed of Catitude which have clean environment, pleasant and surrounded with so many adorable and friendly cats.

My kids have fun playing with the cats. The cats is playful and tame. We can enjoy the food at another section. It is separated from the play area. Wide space and comfortable ambiance. 

These are the menu we try:-
Kitty claw chicken nugget
Naughty cheeesy nacho
Creamy munchkin egg mayo
Chocolate waffle dream ice cream flavour
Calico chicken and cheese bagel sandwich
Chocolate brownie with ice cream

Twister orange
Coffee kick hot
Choco cuddle
Zesty lemonade

The admission fee is:-
Adult RM 20 first hour
Kids RM 15 first hour
Each entry includes one complimentary beverage. 

Another service Catitude provide is Cat Boarding service. Grooming service is coming up soon.So check their page to find out more.

Cat lovers!!Bring your own socks and get the best experience with these fluffy cats.