Pak John Steamboat and BBQ Restaurant @ Tropicana Garden Mall

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 0 Comments A+ a-

Nothing like a hearty meal enjoying steamboat and BBQ with family during the weekend. We choose Pak John Steamboat and BBQ restaurant located at Tropicana Garden Mall to try the buffet range. 

Lots of choices, Pak John has everything that you need, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, side dishes, condiments, snacks, and more! The menu is finely made to cater to almost any taste preference out there, and only high-quality ingredients are used to ensure a satisfying meal.

We can choose 2 types of soup out of 5 selections of soups such as tom yam soup, fish soup, chicken soup,prawn soup and kimchi soup. Chicken soup and prawn soup will be more suitable for kids.

Array of fresh seafood, marinated meats, chicken slice, lamb slice, duck meat, light snacks, sushi, dim sum, waffle, fruits and ice cream. Free flow of drinks too.

Kids enjoying the buffet session with varieties of food selection. Family friendly restaurant and we had a pleasant dining experience.



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