Happy Eat at Xiang by Nicsmann 1 Utama

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Craving for Authentic Hunan Cuisine? ❤️😚We found Xiang by Nicsmann located at Ground Floor 1 Utama (new wing).

This restaurant is Muslim Friendly Human Cuisine serving tantalizing selection of dishes that reflect the vibrant flavors of Malaysia and the bold spiciness of Hunan Province, China.

Hot peppers are the unique feature of the Hunan dishes which is very spicy and makes use of chillies and dried peppers. Chef using the freshest ingredients that features aromatic, spicy and sour tastes in every dish makes it so appetizing and delicious!

Chinese Sauerkraut Haruan Fish Fillet (Sour & Little Spicy). This is one of the signature dishes! Currently having opening promotion - FOC two side dishes (choices of Preserved egg, spicy and sour marinated cucumber and refreshing fungus)

We also tried:-

Xiang's Mapo Tofu

Claypot Braised eggplant

Spicy fried clam

As for kids there are no spicy menu such as :-

Chicken and potato stewed

Golden Mantao Bread

Salted egg shrimp

Salted egg fried pumpkin 

Garlic fried rice

Overall, we enjoy the Hunan dishes and the spicy level is tolerable. Very appetizing and flavourful taste. Relaxing dining ambiance and attentive staff.

*Halal Certified* 

All cuisine prepared with pork-free & lard free Ingredient.

【Xiang by Nicsmann 1 Utama】

📍GF Lot. G359, Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre


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