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It's important to give our bodies the best care we can offer. That’s why getting proper nutrition, exercising, sleeping well, and taking care of my mental and emotional health should be my first priority.

Due to work stress and lack of sleep, i have sensitive skin and stomach bloating. It makes me uncomfortable especially when working time and I have to deal with the headache and stomach pain. I also frequently eating out and I love spicy food. Thus, leads me to constipation too. I have been browsing for good Probiotics product to helps to improve my current condition and I came across GKB Probiotics range.

GKB (GK BIO International Sdn Bhd.) was established in 2018, a joint venture between All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation and Grape King Bio from Taiwan. All products under GKB are certified with PIC/S GMP, ISO22000, HACCP, NSF GMP, TQF, HALAL ,TFDA secondary quality control certification, Malaysia GMP excellent manufacturing standard certification, FSSC 22000 and ISO/IEC TAF 17025, which guarantee the highest product safety. 

There are 5 GKB health supplement products that I preferred. 

  • GKB Probio+, 
  • GKB Probizymes
  • GKB Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Plus
  • GKB G-Pro Gold  
  • GKB Lactobacillus Plantarum GKM3

I kick start my day by taking GKB Probio+ which have the perfect combination of probiotics and prebiotics gives the intestine more protection. Since I have constipation because lack of fibre and work stress, I try to consume GKB Probio + and it does reduce my constipation and i have a smooth bowel movement. I also can see improvement in my energy level and more alert throughout the day. Suitable for family member and they also can consume to increase their immunity.

I choose GKB Probizymes to help to reduce my stomach bloating and benefits me very well especially after the dinner buffet gathering with my friends.  My husband tried it for his gastric problem and it does ease his pain in a more healthier way. We feeling glad that this product can helps to improve our digestive functions without to worry any side effects. Just consume the sachet in powder form or mix with water.

GKB Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Plus is suitable to enhance woman's health and wellness. Good probiotics to improve eczema, maintain healthy gut, helps in female genital infections and overall boost up our immunity as well. I find it suitable for my sensitive skin and less pimples, improve my face conditions and also helps in my constipation too.

GKB G-Pro Gold help to ease my diarrhea. Last week I have severe diarrhea because of eating out that causes me stomach discomfort. I consume GKB G-Pro Gold that Contains 10 types of probiotics and 2 types of prebiotics. I can see the fast result and can actually reduce my bowel discomfort. Moreover, this product can support healthy gut, reduce acute gastric injury and relieve IBS symptoms.

If you are looking for lose weight products in a healthier way, I will definitely choose GKB Lactobacillus Plantarum GKM3 Probiotic. It can absorb fat from my body, reduce uric acid and blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides). I have tried for few weeks and I can see improvement on my bowel movement, some weight loss result and also my skin condition also improves become more radiant and moisture. 

Safe to use? GKB uses over 40 medicinal mushrooms and probiotics strains in its product, ensuring the products are 100% natural, chemical-free and side effect free. This give me more assurance about the quality of the products.

The greatest advantage of GKB probiotics is that they are manufactured with antioxidant multilayer encapsulation technology and in granular form. GKB is the only health supplement company with 4 multilayer coating for its probiotics, to ensure the probiotics enter the intestines and intact at high survival rate. 

Besides, the granular form of probiotics helps reduce the risk of choking, and the probiotics can be taken directly or mixed with beverages. 

I can now enjoy my food without worries and with GKB products can help for my digestion and improve my guy health. GKB is my top choice of products as my health supplement to provide me a healthier body and giving me good support of wellness.

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