The Tallest Wooden Block Tower Challenge Contest @ The Parenthood Sunway Putra Mall

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Parenthood is the the first one-stop parenting concept family park in Malaysia that provides services on education & play, shopping, relaxation & leisure, and dining, all set in a London Street-themed Family Park! We visit here again but this round is to take up the challenge to build the tallest wooden block tower. School holiday fun still continuing with lots of activities with my kids and I am sure this is going to be more exciting. Kids and parents get to join this challenge together and for sure a bonding moment with them too.

This contest is bought to you by SPM Games and The Parenthood
Founded in 1976 by Perak born inventor Ting Sie Bing, SPM Syarikat Permainan (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is the largest board games and indoor games creator and manufacturer in Malaysia. Presently, SPM produces over fifty range of games and sells over 150,000 sets annually. Our games range from strategy games to classic games to modern traditional games.

Apart from making games to be played on the table, SPM also have ventured into making giant size games and organising giant size game events at many shopping malls around the country. These XL games as we call them, bring board games fun and excitement to a mass number of crowd. Game playing now is not limited to a few but played by many at one go.
Here we go..mummy going to start it first. We are given testing period to warm up ourselves first..Now how to make a strong base??
My three kids are excited seeing this Jenga blocks. It is fun to have them together to make the tower together. I am clueless how to make the tower and still thinking. 
Now our Tall Tower looks at least taller and stronger right? That's the highest tower that we managed to make after second attempt. With the help from my kids we are standing tall at 64cm within 8 minutes time. Not bad huh?? 
After the first session of making the wooden block, I decided to walk around first to check out any new retails or new game inside the Parenthood. There are special appearance of Spiderman and my hubby took the opportunity to pose as Captain America too.
Let's Pose
Colouring session together. Making a lovely card for Daddy - Father's Day is this month..Yeah
Just for you Papa And Mummy
The kids can't wait to enter the Parenthood Playland (previously known as My Kingdom)
My girl try to climb but still nervous. Anyway keep trying ya..
They love this place so much. Going the slides up again few times and my small boy can independently follow his sister to go up the obstacles gym and come down from the slides. Safe and secure with attentive staff to watch the kids inside the Play area. Parents can join in to have fun too. Sit inside the pool of balls or just be like a kids again, slide down together with your kids. Just be reminded to bring along your socks ya. 

We discover a new strive game here. Just register at the main entrance to purchase this game at RM 7 per person. Using the nerf guns to shoot your target. Kids and parents can play this game together.

Now Papa is free and ready to challenge himself to build the tallest wooden block tower. Advise?? Yes! Make a strong base at the bottom of course.

Going up very quickly. He have only 8 minutes to complete this challenge

It seems like he have another challenger whose tower is almost at he same height now
I bring the kids to cheer him up..Hope the kids not making him nervous. I do worry my kids will blow them up..ahah..

* Thanks to the staff who help hubby to hold on the box of blocks
Wah!!! Hubby did it at last!!..I admire his patience and his serious look putting the block one by one on his own. I ask him does he shake while doing this challenge? He answered me yeah..sure shaking when putting up the blocks when you are almost at the top level and standing on the ladder. How he managed to make this tall tower? Wow..Amazing!
The tower is standing tall beautifully and just remain there for almost 15-20 minutes. Passers by also looking at it. We quickly snap memorable pictures together.
Happy faces and feeling satisfied. Good Job Papa!
Prize Giving Time!
2nd Runner Up - Miss Ceci Ng The Tallest Wooden Block Tower Contest - 1.94 Meter

1st Runner Up - Yau Wai Leong The Tallest Wooden Block Tower Contest - 2 Meter

Champion - Mr. Jack Wong The Tallest Wooden Block Tower - 2.11Meter

We won the one month unlimited pass entry to Parenthood Playland worth RM 1,130 and SPM Carrom Jr. Traveller worth RM 90.
Thanks for the wonderful goodies bag from Faber Castell
My kids are happy and still excited to play inside the Playland. They enjoy themselves with so many activities here. Me and hubby have great time together laughing at each other on the Jenga Tower challenge and I still asking him at home how he make that tall tower and will I able to make that too?? Now let's see who wanna come and challenge him?

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