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Time To Game Board Game Cafe is located at Level 1 PV128 Setapak beside De Pastry Cafe. Owned by 5 young entrepreneur who aims to gather youngsters and family crowd introducing them the unique board game from Taiwan, Europe and etc. 

There are about 70 boardgames with lots of varieties whereby you can choose to play up to one hour or more than that. Put aside your mobile gadget and chill out here playing the board games which brings so much fun and laughter together. Time To Game is opened in April 2016 and  has been getting a very good response from young adult who looking into new challenging board game. 
Opens daily- Monday to Friday from 6pm to 1am & Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 1am. There are special theme and promotions every day which will bring surrpise treat to you. Monday will be the Men's Night and Tuesday is Student's Night. We drop by on Wedneday to enjoy the Ladies Night.  Ladies are free for gaming all night long with just purchased any fruit juice!!

As for Sunday, Do bring your family and friends to have fun enjoying this Family Day Promo. Kids is free for gaming and whole family can gather bonding time and have fun playing the board game.
Time To Game entrance fee is RM 5 per hour for weekdays and RM 6 for weekends / per person. If you spend 4 hours of gaming here, you will get 1 hour free. Some people just want to stick here to play longer hours because the of the game excitement .

Awesome Snake And Ladder to welcome us at the front door. Can we just stand here and play?
Comfortable sits that cater up more than 50 peoples. Relaxing sofa seats with bright lighting surrounds with board games in every corner.

Just snap your pictures here and they will help you to print out.
You will never get bored with so many choices of board games here

Time To Game Cafe also cater games for the young kids. They prepare wooden toys, magnetic board, card games that are suitable at their age, arts and crafts, building toys and etc.

100% Red Grape Juice (RM 7)
100% Carrot with Mix Fruit Juice (RM 7)
Served Premium Coffee here
Coke-Fee Cold (RM 7)
Hot Japanese Brown Rice Tea RM 3.50
Cheesy Wedges (RM 6)
Chicken Popcorn (RM 6). You must try this! Especially on the dipping sauce. Thumbs Up!
Delicious french fries (RM 5)
Interesting board game 
Carcassonne The European board games listed here require skill, strategy and thought to win and master.

Recommended for Family board game

Panic Tower Game that are suitable to play with family members and friends together. This game concept is quite similar to UNO card game whereby you need to stack up the wooden block depending on the card you draw. If the arrow in the card shows pink colour move to yellow colour, you need to move the block follow the card instruction. When the block fall down, the player lose and will be given a panic tower small card as punishment.
Award winning game
Toc Toc Wood Man - My girl love this game. We can play together.
Rock The Beat.
Boom-Boom Clap. Boom-Boom Clap. We all know this famous beat, so get ready to start clapping!
In this outrageously funny party game, each player is given a unique hand symbol that they must watch out for. Everyone starts the beat and if an opponent makes your symbol instead of the clap in the beat, you must respond with your own symbol and then one of another player. It may sound easy, but wait until you're rockin' out with multiple symbols and laughing too hard to catch your opponents making yours!
So much of fun here. My kids love this place and myself of course excited for knowing this board game cafe which is just 5 minutes drive from my house. Perfect venue for get together with family and friends. Perhaps a good spot to organize birthday parties too.

Check them out here:

Time To Game Board Game Cafe
1-5, PV 128
Jalan Genting Klang
Setapak Kuala Lumpur
(First Floor beside De Pastry Chef)

Tel : 03-4144 1114

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ttgboardgamecafe/?fref=ts


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