JAW-SOME Day 2016 @ Aquaria KLCC

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I was the one being excited because I am going to bring my girl to Aquaria KLCC which is her first visit to this place. The 7 zone are The Evolution Zone, The Coast, The Shipwreck, The Stream, Weird & Wonderful, Deep Forest and Living Ocean.
Aquaria KLCC, a world-class aquarium that showcases marine life and animals from Malaysia and around the world.

It is an oceanarium showcasing over 5,000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures over a sprawling 60,000 square foot space right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's city centre.

We are greeted by the Piranha Tank. It may look scary but it is not harmful.

Our adventure begins
Here is Gene pool. We get to touch some of the water creatures such as live starfish, bamboo sharks and sea cucumber. I am not daring enough, so I just took photos. Do not worry. You can always wash your hand at the side where they provide a place to clean our hands. The staff are very friendly, helpful and informative.

Be caution on the electric zone. Here we can see Electric Catfish. The Electric catfish is a nocturnal fish, mostly active after sunset.The electric catfish is widely known for medicinal purposes among Egyptians, Arabs and Africans for treating mild anxiety disorder. 
Oriental Whip Snake can be found in Riverbank Jungle.

They are hiding and camera shy. Once they come out, I quickly snap few photos. This are the only mammals in Aquaria, the Asian small -clawded Otter. Long bodies with short legs, short, dense brown coloured fur with pale underside, patchy white areas on the chest, short claws and partly webbed toes. They communicate using up to 12 varieties of vocalizations, posturing and grooming. That is so interesting.
Now we are heading to deep ocean inside shipwreck

To discover beautiful underwater carols and fish at the well known island such as Redang Island, Pulau Perhentian,Tioman Island, Payar Island, Tinggi Island and etc.

We move on to Amazon Flooded Forest where I spotted Alligator Garfish, Black Pacu, Arapaima, Silver Arowana and Redtail Catfish

Creeping box activities. Three volunteers try this activities and it was freaking scary to me. You have to touch what's inside the box . I keep asking my girl " Would you like to try?" and you will get present. She point at me asking me to go instead. I am afraid and not willing to even try once. I suspect inside must be hamster? Chick? or cockroach?

The most anticipated moment is to enter the Sharks zone

My girl are amazed by this underwater tunnel. Oceanarium boasts a 90-metre transparent tunnel with a moving walkway to take you past Sand Tiger sharks, Giant Stingrays, Marine turtles and shoals of other fishes.There are more than hundreds of fishes, surrounds you. It was fun watching them swimming freely in this living oceans and memorable experience for both of us.

At 12noon sharp, there is feeding session by the professional team. You can also refer the schedule time to watch them feeding the shark!

Moon Jellies

Passing by the souvenir shops

We are heading towards the new section MoonLab's Holodeck (ARV) where we get a unique reality experience. We can see the animal in the past example like Dinasour and the present converge in an augmented reality experience. My girl are scare at first but then she seems to enjoy it..running and getting herself to touch the animal which looks so real!

A group of 10 people in one session. Admission rate is RM 20 per pax for adult and RM 10 for Child.

Station Aquarius is a futuristic and immersive educational zone that is designed like a sealed underwater space, taking visitors through an exciting journey to learn more about animals and the significance of their continuous survival to keep Earth in ecological balance. 
Station Aquarius will contain 4 exciting and informative labs, each focusing on a different area of study:
·    1) MOON Lab introduces the Cadets to the concept of conservation by covering 'Endangered Species', ‘Lifecycle of the Bamboo Sharks’, and experience the augmented reality ‘Holodeck’.
·    2)Jellyfish Lab teaches the Cadets with the idea of adaptation by covering the 'Jellyfish Adaptation', 'Jellyfish Body Parts', and 'Jellyfish Lifecycle'.
·    3) Seahorse Lab allows the observation of lifestyle by covering 'Seahorse Adaptation', 'Seahorse Lifecycle', and 'Seahorse Anatomy'.
·    4) Eco Lab delivers the final concept of evolution with the topic of 'Hands on with the Specimen', and 'Lifecycle of frog'.

* Discover * Learn *Experience

For more adventours moments,you can also join Dive With Sharks or Cage Rage packages

Also do your part as to Save Our Fins. Save the Ocean, Save the Earth.

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Tel : 03-2333 1888

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