Siblings Playtime VS Fighttime

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Siblings Playtime VS Fighttime

I wanted to share this experience of mine having 3 kids with different attitude and behaviour plus unique on their own. But one similarities from them is they like to fight!
Age 3-6 years old is the most challenging time to educate them, teach them and they learn from their siblings.I am not a homestay mum so imagine how my mil stress up to face them with their daily fight each day when I am at my work. During weekends or back from work, little small things the kids get angry and start to be emotional towards each other.

Playtime is the best part ever. The kids get excited when they have new toys and going to new playground area. Now whenever we buy new toys, we have to get three set and each of it must be same stuff and same colour. In order to differentiate, some said girls should have pink colour and boy should have blue colour. After all that does not matter. They just love to own each other toys and love to fight for it. Even when we buy same toys and same colour, they will want to try each other toys. They play with it and enjoy it for 20 minutes and they start to get bored and wanted to take other siblings toys to try it out. Now my eldest girl is smart enough to write her own name and her siblings name to determine whose toys belongs to who. 

Kids now are very lucky. They have everything by just requesting from grandpa or grandma & mummy or daddy. They know who can satisfied their demand and who won’t buy toys to them. They throw tantrum and cry but no effect on my hubby of course. I gave in when my boys starts crying and nagging. They have Barbie, frozen, angry bird, and lots more. Clothing, toys, bags, shoes, socks, and the list goes on. I always buy toys for them when I have my first baby. I buy playgym, play tent, baby mat, new toys and over excited for it. 

By the time my second girls comes in, I still keep buying cooking toys, and enjoy looking at them how they playrole with the toys. Now hubby is making noise I should stop buying toys because they never appreciate it and throw all over the place. Example, the Kinetic sand grandpa bought for them. They play three times a day and whole house is like a beach now. The sand is everywhere. Stick to their socks, shirts, pants and face and hand! Wash! Wash! Wash! ..Clean up! That’s what you are going to hear in the house. Frustrated? Angry? And in a mess. 
But when you think back, it’s better for them to sit quietly making their own castle with the sand and spending almost 30 minutes sitting there using their imagination to create something they like. Is better than playing IPAD rite?? And mummy and daddy can spend time a while on their phone..haha..that’s bad I know. 

I love to bring them around to playground inside shopping mall. Some may worried on the hygiene of the place. I do have my concern too. But it’s the time where I can see how my kids grow. They learn to be social, making new friends, seeing them if they willing to share toys with others, and the most happy part is looking at how my eldest girl taking good care of her little brother. At the recent visit to new playgym, I follow three of them up to the highest level of the slide and play together with them sliding down. 

Second round, I ask my son to follow my girls (cheh cheh) to go up on his own and he just follow without crying or feeling scare. He is confident and went all the way up. For the first try, he is abit nervous and stuck at the upper level, not moving his own to slide down. I called up cheh cheh and said faster go up and hold ‘didi’ hand to come down. My second girl also doing the same thing taking care of him and hold his hand and ensure he is behind her. It’s good to have more siblings (that’s what I feel) rather than being the single child. You get to play together, helping out with each other and have fun time playtime together! Beautiful moment with my kids when they are in good mood of course.

Fight Time
It's common for brothers and sisters to fight. (It's also common for them to swing back and forth between adoring and detesting one other! That’s the word we usually heard. But the moment they start fighting over a simple thing, you are going into a big headache. Physically and mentally stressful!

Most brothers and sisters experience some degree of jealousy . Agree?

They fight for pillow, spoon, food, toys, tv show, pencil, plates, remote control, place to sit on the bed,and etc..they cannot sit together in the car (must leave a space), and love to tease each other. With wording also they can fight. The funny thing is one like to make other sibling angry and cry and the first one who started it, will smile and feeling great and happy to make other sibling cry. 
All wanted my attention and when they start crying fight over small thing, I will have to raise up my voice and I will be very very mad. Sometime I am really clueless what should I do. They want attention and become jealous to each other sometime. So I read up this article and it does help abit sometime to at least guide me to care their feelings more rather than put punishment on them.

"Understand that normal toddler development leads to fights over toys. The concept of independence, of course, hinges on the basic understanding of “me.” Once toddlers understand the distinction between themselves and others, they also begin to focus on the concept of ownership: “mine” as opposed to “not mine.” Fighting over toys is a completely normal manifestation of this emerging knowledge. Sharing threatens toddlers’ perceived ownership of particular items."

“Your brothers and sisters will ultimately be your best friends. Once your other friends have moved or drifted away, your family friends will always be there when you need them. Friends come and go; siblings are forever.”

Those are motivation words that will keep up my positive thoughts and learning process to deal with my kids and seeing them growth.

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