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Potty Training - That is the most difficult and stressful moment in our motherhood journey. All have been asking when is the right time to start potty training for your baby? for your toddler? Just one answer. The kids are going to tell you when they ready.

From my eldest girl experience, we are very new parents and learn from mum in law and my mum. They said we should practise putting them to potty even before they are 1 year old. We try few times and sometime she will sit there and once a while she just poo on to her diapers. It seems like not easy to ask her to poo all the time at the potty and keep telling her all the time. We bought few types of potty seats to let her sit on the toilet bowl but also failed. We shouted at her and caning her to let her sit on the toilet seats and poo. She cry and cry..pity girl..but there goes the first experience of failed potty training. She was 2 years old by then. We give up on the caning method which does not work at all! And regretted we behave such way of making her so upset and scared.

So I read some articles and getting some advise from friends and family members we decide to take things slowly and during weekends we did not go out. I make use of the 3 days in a row - Saturday, Sunday and the next day is Public Holiday. We start to train her slowly, talking to her that it's the time to say Shi Shi and faster take the potty or tell mummy and I will rush to take for her. Not really smooth at first. Then we try again another week doing the same thing, letting her know she need to tell us when to Shi Shi and Poo poo..So on that week, we did not let her wear diapers and keep reminding her to take potty when she need it. Sometime when they playing around, they tend to forget. She wet her pants and the whole floor is wet.She cry and scare. I comfort her saying Its ok girl..but next time you need to go and faster take the potty. After that incident, she never ever wet her pants again..I am so proud of her!! She can finally go to her potty herself and know when she want to shi shi. Sometime she do wet her bed. But i think only 2-3 times. It was a successful potty training at the age of 2 years old and 8 months.

Now let's see the difference between my eldest girl and my second girl. We also start to train her early and this round we try few rounds of asking her to go toilet and potty. Also remind her to tell us when she poo and need to take the potty ( we called it Tam Tung ( in chinese)!. But all members in the family are so stressful and angry when she can't even tell when she poo and just leave in the diapers for so long and become dry..Sigh..everybody are shaking their head because we all can't stand it, she is too stubborn to just let us know and she still can sit there playing her toys. My eldest girl are very particular on cleanliness. Probably that's why when she first wet her pants, she feels it and afraid of dirt.

So we start telling my second girl no need to wear diapers and I do try stand by the potty to let her poo anytime. Once, I thought I have successfully train her when she manage to shi shi on the potty at the age of 2 plus then failed again. So i am telling myself this is going to be challenging moment and not as easy as her sister. Need alot of patience to train this girl.She poo on her pants and even fall down on the floor and she play with her hands!!!OMG!!! there goes my madness..my fingers is stink! She wet her bed, wet the floor and everywhere in the house. Cannot take it anymore, hubby said just let her wear back her pampers..Arrghhh..failure. We scolded her, yelling at her angrily, keep questioning her why can't she tell us earlier when she poo? and yes all very disappointed and feel so hard to train this girl to go proper potty training!

We try again when she reach 3 years old and ask her to wear underwear. She seems happy with it and keep telling us she like it and no need to wear diapers. Again! she wet her pants and not knowing she want to pee when she keep playing her toys or watching tv. I guess she not ready and not sure how to control her bladder. Being patience to her,  not scolding her and caning her, I try to tell her again and again, reminding her to tell  us when she feels like going to shi shi or poo.

Recently, she had a bad rashes and keep telling me she in pain. So i talk to her to stop wearing diapers and let's see if still pain and remind her to tell when she want to shishi or poo. And she must faster go and take her potty and sit by herself. After few days, she get used to it. Fast speed and she managed to take her own potty and let us know that she is done! It was the happiest moment ever for all of us. A little achievement so far that she finally can control her bladder and her crazy poo. Now it's time to let her train during night bedtime without diapers and another challenge awaits me to train my youngest son.

In a conclusion, you can never force your kids to go potty training. They will ready by themselves and you can see it! Never be a pushy mummy and just be patience and encourage them to go potty. The myth of believing that when your eldest potty training is easy, the second one will be harder. I do think it is so true. Another same experience is we have a difficult time during my eldest girl to let her sleep at night because she has been crying all the time during night time. Make us stay awake between 12 midnight to 3 am or 3am to 5am to make her sleep but failed. And we go down to living room to make her sleep inside the sarong cradle and sit there miserably. Tired and sleepy. By the time she sleep at 5am, already morning time and I am watching television at 4am to keep myself awake to rock her to sleep. Continuous until she reach 5 months old. When it comes to second baby girl, we have a very good night sleep because she sleep through the night when she is just 2 months old. Feeling great and so different from the eldest girl. So this is what I call. One easy and another is difficult to handle. God is fair and you will know it when you have the same experience as mine.

Sharing this at this hour and I am smiling - this was the best Birthday Gift to me. She has grown up and next month will be her birthday going to 4 years old..Of course thankful I have a very strict and patience mum in law to help me for potty training.

*Please don't do comparison between siblings because they are different.
*Please don't compare to your friends, relatives or colleagues and feels bad or failure. Some are lucky to have their kids potty training successful at early age. But not all are same. I always believe things happen for a reason. Just enjoy every moment with your kids feeling ups and downs..Motherhood journey is a way more to learn and practice.


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