Go Noodle House @ The School Jaya One

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Go Noodle House  is located inside The School and just beside Kechara Restaurant. This restaurant is always crowded as I noticed since my last visit to Jaya One on Oct 2014.

After the review session at Vvaffle, we went to the FOS warehouse sale but not much of great offer there. So I walk back to Go Noodle House to have our lunch there. But to our surprise there were long queue at 1.20 pm. It was a mistake to dine in at lunch hour but we thought during weekdays the crowd is lesser. So hubby said we walk around first and come back at 2pm.

When we reached here second time at 2pm, we have to take queue numbers. The queue seems never ending since 12noon. We quickly look at the menu display at the entrance and place our ordered once seated. 

Go Noodle House is specialise in Mi Xian (thick noodles) and cooked in special broth. From the menu, I noticed there are special handmade fish paste, pork balls, pork belly, Grouper fish, and frog meat. Defintely the price range will be higher for those premium menu. For a usual bowl of pan mee or pork noodle soup, the price is only from RM 8.90.

I observed there are still many people waiting for their noodles to be served. I managed to capture few photos of their decorations. Very Chinese traditional atmosphere. especially the Chinese wine. We have waited for 20 minutes for our noodle..I have lots of patience today..

So many bottles of Chinese Wine. I wonder izit only for decoration purposes?

There are still long queue and everyone waiting for their noodle to be serve. The restaurant is huge and even though there are many seats, but all are taken up. Sounds crazy

Pork Belly Soup with Mi Xian (RM 10.90) - The soups is delicious and I love the noodles. Pork belly is served with thin slices. Satisfyingly and deep comforting. 

Homemade Fish Paste (RM 9) - Fresh and solid fish paste which comes in a large size. Best to have the dish with the chili sauce.

d hence takes time for the order to arrive at the customer’s table

Nice place to dine in and the noodle is good. Will return to try other types of broth and steam bun. Need to be early for sure.

Go Noodle House

61-P1 The SCHOOL
JAYA One, Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Phone 03-7499 1126
Email gonoodlehouse@gmail.com
Facebook Link : 有間麵館 GO Noodle House