Aroi Jing Jing Boat Noodle at Desa Setapak, Wangsa Maju

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Boat Noodles were originally served from vendors on boats floating in Bangkok’s network of canals. Lately, everyone is talking about BOAT NOODLE. That is the latest topic that we shared on how good it is, how special this boat noodle, how much bowl they have stack up and the long queue they have waited for the boat noodle to be served. I also want to join in the fun and sharing my own experience of having the boat noodle. Hubby agreed and we drive to Wangsa Maju Desa Setapak, the most happening place for food and of course the bad traffic..and apart from that is the parking hectic..If you able to find one parking lot,it will surely be your lucky day. 

I saw there is a post in FB, this boat noodle restaurant called Aroi Jing Jing is just opened on 5 Sept 2014. 10 minutes drive from my house, that's what makes me wanna dine in and try out tonight rather have to drive all the way to Empire Damansara ( this is the first outlet and famous as claimed by my friend who have tried that before) or Kuchai Lama. My friend told me that he has to queue and take numbers for the boat noodle and the waiting time is up to 1 hour. He said compared to the boat noodle he has tasted in Hatyai and Bangkok, this is merely a normal boat noodle and full of MSG...I never get a chance to try the boat noodle in Thai before even though I visited the Floating Market, so I am eager to try this boat noodle.

We are seated at the side with three chairs and small tables. The staff will come to you showing this cute and simple menu offering only two types of noodles (RM 1.90) each bowl and 4 types of drinks only. Soft drinks and mineral water  for RM 2.80.. Wow..sounds crazy!. The disappointment is both Thai Lemongrass juice and Thai Pandan Juice is sold out. Hubby went to the next door store to buy drinks. 

Aroi Jing Jing boat noodle version comes with the choices of two types of noodle The Thai Kuey Teow and Glass Noodle and we can choose for Soup or Dry. All are pork serving only. The good thing is we no need to wait or queue as describe by my friends. The serving time is less than 10 minutes. But I am also having hard time to communicate with the staff.

Slightly thick broth with pork meat & pork balls while the noodles is pleasurable. I add on chili powder on top.

The first plate I tasted is the dried version. Extremely salty!! After few bowls of dry noodles, the taste become better. Sigh..

Their noodles is consider good but for our second order, the noodles seems to be mixing together.
Obviously, the portion of each boat noodles are actually very little and hubby can in finished in two mouthfuls.

Each bowl comes with a piece of pork meat and meatball.

Two types of noodle..can fit in nicely into one spoon
Just enjoying staking up the bowls and to fulfill my foodie list that I have finally tried boat noodle..

On going Promotions : 'When you order 10 bowl, you will be given 3 extra bowl as FREE. So in total both of us just had 13 bowls..Burp..

Aroi Jing Jing Boat Noodle 

(Nearby the middle small roundabout, beside Fancy Mee)
Aroi Jing Jing Boat Noodle
21, Jalan 1/27B, Desa Setapak, 
Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Facebook Page : Aroi Jing Jing Boar Noodle Page
012-203 8628

For weekend Fri, Sat & Sun, 10am to 10.30pm..