Dim Sum Buffet @ Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, Life Centre

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Ah Yat Abalone (阿一鲍鱼) specializes in serving deluxe Chinese cuisine such as sharks-fin, abalone and seafood dishes across the Asia Pacific region including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam..Ah Yat Abalone is well known for its comprehensive menu of mouthwatering authentic Chinese delicacies. The restaurant also provides a range of Hong Kong Style Dim Sum created by their top chefs from Hong Kong. From the review in the website, this restaurant looks promising and yes I have heard alot about Ah Yat Abalone, but I never get a chance to try it myself. Hubby saw there is a great deal offering dim sum buffet from Groupon and we quickly grab 4 vouchers . 

Groupon is giving Up to 68% Off] Dim Sum Buffet + Double-Boiled Whole Abalone at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant from RM118 for 2 People.  We bought the meal for 4 people for RM228 instead of RM691 (only RM57 per person). Worth buying because each of us will be getting a  double-boiled whole abalone with sea cucumber and fish maw.

I make an early reservation and we choose to dine in on Saturday morning at 11.30 am. There are few customers are using Groupon voucher as well. The staff is very attentive and responsive. Seated at the corner end is easier for family with kids. But the air conditioning is pretty bad as the place is quite warm and stuffy. Probably they just open their restaurant, but I am expecting a cooling place and with proper air ventilation for this restaurant. Because they are serving Abalone, it gives me the perception that the food should be graded as higher class and of course the place to dine in must be cozy, spacious and greater ambiance.

Honestly, I can said it is just a standard restaurant with foreigner staff, lots of seats available (some with private rooms), and a stage. From my observations, the place could be better, especially the chairs ( is not impressive at all), and the floor mat is not clean enough. Compare to the Royal Tai Thong that I visited recently in KL, it really gives me a good feeling as soon as I enter the restaurant.

We can choose from 40 choices of dim sum available in a piece of blurred sheet of the menu that is only applicable for Groupon customers. We tick the first row first with 20 choices of sim sum and continue with the second row. We want to see how big is the serving for each dim sum basket. The first serving is our complimentary double boiled whole abalone. The portion is smaller than I expected .

 The abalone is tender and bouncy. The small sizes of the premium abalone is well infused in the boiled soup with additional serving of fish maw and sea cucumber to balance up the flavour. Appetizing for starting our dim sum buffet. We enjoy it slowly..

The drawback for this expensive abalone soup is the sea cucumber. It was actually really small that I could not recognize that was the sea cucumber.
Summarizes the picture illustration from the website compared to the actual double boiled abalone soup.

1. The original picture shown in Groupon Website where we can clearly see the ingredients inside which looks so impressive!

2. The actual fact when it was served on our table. Cannot locate anything like in the website picture.

3. Now I can see clearly after I scoop  inside the bowl and there is my abalone and fish maw.

4. The sea cucumber is far more different from the actual picture. Size is so small. This is zoom up picture. Really small size!

Deliciously crunchy Fried yam puff

 We were delighted by the roasted pork which has the perfect layer of the fat and extremely crispy on the skin.   Irresistible!! We keep ordering for another plate.

Cha Siew- This is another signature dish that you must order. Just melt inside my mouth

Fresh gigantic size of the prawn wrapped in a smooth and silky thin wheat skin.

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao - Must order this

Fluffy steamed cha siew bun..The fillings is full and fit nicely into the soft bun

Firm dumpling skin and I really like the fillings with vegetables.

Huge size of the siew mai

Steamed fishball

Braised chicken feet with black bean. This is my favourite and I ordered two plates. The chicken feet is soft and so yummy!

Steamed pork rib with black bean- My dad favorite

Managed to snap a photo of their usual dim sum menu with prices. Slightly higher price range compare to other dim sum restaurant.

Now my mum want to order the porridge. At first she said she want to order two bowl. Then we look around and saw other table that their porridge bowl is quite big. So we stick to one bowl first to try it out. Luckily we only tick one bowl. The serving is for 3-4 people and we actually can't even finish it all. The ingredients is complete with century egg, meat, crispy popiah skin ( something like crunchy keropok to pour on top of the porridge)

The fried radish cake comes with abundance of flavourful meat, egg, bean sprouts and chili. 

Thin crust egg tart which my girls loves so much. 

Simple steam vege ( braised "Cai Xin") topped with oyster sauces. Good to have some green leafs to balance up..We just had tons of meats.

Can still fit in for the lo mai kai

Deep fried fish skin - Just nice and savoury bite 

Some of the private rooms are available here

We ended our meal with traditional red bean desserts and almond juice . Both dad and hubby is really full. My mum and myself still craving for the desserts. My mum suggested to put one spoon of the almond juice and pour it onto the red bean desserts. It turns out taste so good. 

Fresh and abundant supply of seafood at the restaurant

Business set lunch that covers varieties of food

Special promotion ongoing for Abalone

Premium set that includes shark fin, bird nest and abalone set
Total additional charges is only for the tea and pickles. The tea is charged reasonably and for sure tea is the essential item that we need to order to go with dim sum in order to get a better digestion as it will helps to cleanse the excessive oil from those meaty dim sum.

My family enjoy the dim sum brunch and we are very satisfied with this deal.

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant
2nd Floor, Life Centre, No. 20, 
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:

Mon - Sat: 11.30am - 03.00pm, 06.00pm - 10.30pm,

Sun & Holidays: 10:00am - 3:00pm 6:00pm - 10.30pm


03-2166 3131