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98% Fat-Free Yogurt Ice Cream + Cube-Cube Mango (suitable for 2 person) @ UGood Bun & Dessert. Second taste voucher i had redeem. Excited as i am the first person who manage to claim this taste voucher. The mango desserts looks so tempting! UGood is located at TTDI, but very hard to find a parking here. Rainy day yesterday since morning, and we are having our cooling desserts.

The decoration is nice, comfortable seating environment with a warm welcome from the staff and even the lady boss is here busy preparing desserts at the counter for customer. The free taste voucher includes the following:

98% Fat-Free Yogurt Ice-Cream (RM8.90)
Cube-Cube Mango (RM12.90)

Love the ice cream yogurt so much, sweet mangoes and the texture is really good. Much delicious than the Sour Berry Frozen Yogurt. My girl love it and take a really big scoop.

While the cube cube mango is a mixture of Mango juice ice blended, mango pudding, mango jelly & fresh cut mango cubes. Large portion of drinks for two person, i can describe as smoothies with fresh fruits..Nice..and TASTY for this two desserts!!

My little princess join in to explore mummy journey of searching for food from free taste voucher as well as all online deals!!!

Lots Lots of Mangoes..Fresh and Sweet...

Lady boss chopping the fresh mangoes for our desserts.

Comfortable place to chill out

UGood have this item called Ice Cornet which is a new food sensation from Hamamatsu, Japan ICE CORNET. ICE CORNET is a hot fried bread served with creamy soft served ice cream or 98% premium fat free frozen yogurt ice cream of your choice. A truly unique, sensational taste and experience where Hot meets Cold. One ice cornet is about RM 8.90.

Amazed to see these deco, and also makes me felt like want to have a bite on the ice cornet. Will look for coming deal if they have for this wonderful  and interesting ice cornet. The customer service is good, and i am really satisfied and have an enjoyable day with my family.

Papa, is this ice cream real? Can i taste it? This ice cream looks huge!
Food : Excellent

Service : Excellent

Environment : Excellent

UGood Bun & Desserts

25, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.