Recent Addition Terms on Food Voucher

Saturday, October 13, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Merchant and Online Website Deal are getting smarter from their past experience

1) Food voucher will not state ' Sharing Allowed or Not Allowed'. I am sure if two person for ala carte menu, if you redeem one voucher, there should be no problem. I do encounter this issue when i only bought one voucher ,me and my hubby only.  the waiter will ask me how come i only have one voucher. I will said its my preference to buy how many voucher, if in addition i want to order food, i will pay for the particular amount. Any problem with that??

Another experience when i bring my parents and my sister, 4 of us, i have three voucher on hand, the waitress ask me where is another voucher?  I will give her the unpleasant look when she ask me this type of question, and i will just said 'You mean when i enter your restaurant, you will not welcome me to dine in and try other menu in your restaurant?'

As for buffet obviously there is no sharing of food allowed.

2) Booking must be in advance. Some 1 day or some voucher state 3 days. Those confirmed, but did not turn up have to give one day notice earlier if not the voucher will be forfeited. They even ask us to give them the voucher code, name and contact number. Some even booking needed up to 3 days in advance. Now looking more to vouchers that does not require any booking and just walk in.