Grumps Restaurant @ Plaza Kelana Jaya Petaling Jaya

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[Up to 57% Off] Roasted Pork Ribs + Foot Long German Sausage + Crispy Pork Skin for 2-3 People per Set at Grumps Restaurant. Choose 1 (RM48) / 2 (RM88) Sets. From RM44 per set. 


This is truly the best dining experience i ever had for this year. Love the food, service and environment. Warm welcome by the staff here and even the lady bos charlie is there to have a chat with. Family dining concept and quiet environment.


Grumps is located at Plaza Kelana Jaya and nearby the lake .Very nice dining place with family or friends.They also cater for gatherings, weddings and birthday events. 

I only spent RM 28 for this deal because Groupon has given my hubby RM 20 free credit. 


The portion is really large and we both looking at the huge pork rib and sausage and smiling whether we both can finish it up. The pork rib taste is really good with mustard sauce.  


A little difficulty to properly dine in with knife and forks as with two little naughty girls, dining experience is challenging yet having fun and they makes us laugh all the time. Baby will be busy playing on the sofa while i having my pork rib using finger. More tasty and easier to bite on the meat. 


My hubby loves the mashed potatoes and the German sausage. Very delicious serving of juicy grilled German Sausage and the pork rib. According to Charlie, all the pork served here is fully imported and really high quality of food they served.

First try on this crispy fried pork skin. The portion all here served is look alike in the picture as advertise in Groupon website deal and also in Grumps actual menu. The pork skin is not oily at all and very crunchy just like munching on snacks.

Got a surprised from this deal. They are serving kid's meal!. Wow!.such a big portion of fried nuggets and fries with salad dressing. My girl really loves it

Nice environment in indoor dining. Outdoor dining will be seeing the lake

Open concept kitchen that caught my attention. The chef is so dedicated in preparing the food

This is our lunch and dinner. Burp!

The pork meat all covered with tasty mustard sauce. Lots of pieces of pork ribs. This portion actually can shared up to three person.

Set lunch during from Monday to Saturday. Surprisingly Saturday they have set lunch and the price is just for only RM 18 nett .Will visit again to try on other menu.

Beautiful deco

Comfortable dining area and i like the dim light, the full decoration in this restaurant. The price for buffet style is from RM 32-RM35 for small event for 20-30 people, can be both indoor and outdoor.

My girl enjoying walking along looking at this lake view, weather is just nice, and moreover the outdoor dining area is covered.

These are the ongoing promotion list. The parking is free on sunday and public holiday, You may park at any reserved lot.  Grumps also have another outlet in SS2 Mall which is called Grumps Cafe and they have set lunch as well.

Food : Excellent
Service : Excellent
Environment : Excellent

Valid at Grumps Restaurant:
Kelana Jaya: 03-7873 6898 (Call 11am – 3pm / 5pm – 11pm daily)

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