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6 Course Christmas Feast for RM 24 two pax instead of RM 52.85 during Christmas Day which include the following :

  •  Soup of the day
  • Christmas Tree Roll
  • Seafood Spagethi
  • Salmon Salad
  • Homemade Pudding
  • Gelare Ice-Cream
Above are the messy look of the salmon salad. We reach here on the Christmas day 25 Dec 2010.There is no crowd and the environment is not really pleasant to me.

The first step i walk in, i can see all the waiter are foreigner. I sat at the back and the place is warm.Few tables seems like waiting for the order and i can feel that something is wrong.

Our table is not clean yet and there is dust all over.When we show the waiter our voucher, he look so blur and asking another waiter to attend to us.

We had our green tea but we need to refill ourselves.There are hot water at the corner.I thought the waiter is going to serve us.

But we keep on calling them for few times, we are just being ignored. So we waited for our soup of the day.But the salmon salad came first.

Then the tree roll.Nothing special and the sushi is not nice at all.This is the picture advertised on website.Look so different as actual.

We keep on repeating 'WHERE IS OUR SOUP?'.The first guy came i thought he understand what i am trying to said.

Then another waiter came and ask us what we want. Really tiring of keep on repeating my request, where is my soup, my spaghetti. bla bla.

After 20 minutes i still waiting.Each side dish i need to wait about 15-25minutes.

This is the picture advertise in the website.But when the seafood pasta came, it looks like this (below)

Terrible taste of the so-called seafood pasta.Looks like mee goreng mamak.Tastes exactly like those i eat at mamak stall which is more delicious than this.Oh Gosh!

How can they serve such food here.The pasta is too spicy, I can't say this is pasta.This is just a mee goreng.

The seafood is so small , maybe there is only a tiny little half cut prawn or squid only. Ok then still have to finish it. No choice.Then no more order came.

I have to call them again! But they just ignore me.

I saw the table beside they have ordered the same thing as us and they have waited for quite some time as well.

The pudding looks like those my mum homemade agar agar.CRAZY!.The GELARE Ice cream is just like a normal vanilla ice cream.

OK NOW WHERE IS MY SOUP?MY ICE CREAM AND PUDDING? After more than one hour i waited!

This three food is so simple and its alr ready.They just need to serve us.I walk to the front cashier to ask whats happening and wanted to see their manager.

I realized their manager is hiding somewhere as there is also a lady standing there keep on complaining.

Then this malay guy came in and ask me to wait. i told him i wan my refund.I could not stand anymore waiting and wasting my time there.He said he can't refund me anything me anything as this is online voucher which payment have been made.

So i insists and i am so angry that i said i will not leave until you give me any amount of refund.So he gave his own pocket money RM 10 handed to me and i staring at him and walk off.

This is the most terrifying dining experience.I wonder how they can survive even until now i saw some online voucher going on on their sushi platter.Looks scary to me for their sushi quality.

Christmas Tree Roll

The whole restaurant deco is terrible.Not as good as being advertised.As you can see the person behind who came in before us are waiting for so long for their food.

One of the 'Blur'waiter.Can't they hire proper foreigner waiter who can at least understand English. CRAZY

This is how it looks like when we are ANGRY! GIVE ME BACK MY REFUND!

ROBOT SUSHI (closed) @ 1UTAMAG342, Ground Floor, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-7725 3733