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This is the deal i bought from JackCow - RM7.90 Chef’s Chicken MeatBall Spaghetti@Fullhouse CafĂ©+Invitations to Fullhouse’s Event on the 26th June 2011(500max).

Just had this afternoon.The environment in this outlet is not really pleasant.Felt warm most of the time.Seems like there is not much of air cons.

The first two side order is the above mashed potato for my little girl and lemon grass tea.Impressed by the creative side of the potato (looks like ice-cream).

Taken few picture as below.Not much deco compare to other outlet in pyramid and sunway giza

The most disappointment part is when we have order our side dish, the waiter told me that they have no more chicken meatball at 2.00pm!

They should have inform me earlier .But i have waited for 20 minutes and when all the side order came , he told  me i can't have those meatballs!

Then what is the purpose of buying this deal which stated as chef special chicken meatball spaghetti but the merchant is not having enough stock of those meatballs in their own outlet.But yet selling as much as 500vouchers altogether.

No terms stated we need to make advance booking and we are being treated not fair!

This outlet having so many people dine in for the meatball yesterday and that;s why today they have no more in stock.

Really surprised to hear such excuse and reason behind.Bad management all i can say...

So i have no choice but to ask the waiter to replace it with chicken or seafood within the same price.He said all those seafood is limited and they have their own quota for today.

Is that SO? or i think they just keep those expensive stuff.

So i being offered chicken and mushroom cooked in cabonara cream and tomato paste.Tastes OK. Portion normal.But chicken slice is so small and tiny.

This is the Chicken meatball spaghetti that are being advertised

The most interesting part is the FOC Spaghetti that we had today is only cost RM 5.50.Abit confused.

Is this meant that today replacement of the spaghetti only cost them RM 5.50? or is the total deal of the meatball is only RM 5.50 ?

Will wait for Jack Cow to reply me.

Now today 6 July 2011- i got the reply from JACK COW. Here it says:

First of all, we would like to apologize for the wait/delay as we tried settling matters with our merchant FullHouse.

Indeed the situation experienced by you was caused by mismanagement from FullHouse. We have fully forwarded your complaint over to FullHouse and they have taken note of the situation. 

As the dish was not on the menu, it was a specially crafted dish and many of the outlets were not given the recipe for the meatball. We have already received a few complaints from the branch Jalan Yap Kwan Seng about the same situation.

Regarding the case where the bill shown RM5.50, we found out that it was just for accounting purposes. 

If you were to look at Fullhouse’s menu, you will find that the cheapest Spaghetti would be the Olio Spaghetti that cost around RM 15 at the least. So please do not feel cheated that the price is shown RM5.50 as it is not. 

The Chicken mushroom carbonara and tomato given to you as a replacement does indeed cost similar to the Chicken MeatBall spaghetti which is around Rm17.90.

None-the-less you as our dearest customer, you went to Fullhouse with a JackCow coupon(s) and wanted to try their spaghetti MeatBall but did not get to try;  is a good reason enough to get a refund on your coupon(s).

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our merchant FullHouse. This is truly unprofessional of them and little did they know that by doing so they have just lost credibility and a potential customer such as yourself. 

We on behalf of our merchants would also like to apologize to you.

Luckily i did not went to the free invitation in Sunway Giza.Heard there is big crowd and not enough food being served.Need to wait for 15 minutes to get those food refilled.

After all my girl enjoyed her mashed potato.Yum Yum

Food : Bad
Service : Bad
Environment: Good

No.2, Jln Liew Weng Chee,
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..
T/F: 03 21646466


Deal Link : http://www.jackcow.com/deals/84