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RM 20 for Professional hair cut + wash+ hair treatment + blow that is worth RM 68
First time i bought this hair salon voucher thinking it is a good deal to try on.

I make an early appointment on Sunday at 10.30am but the shop is not open yet.It is located at Ampang Waterfront first floor.When i reach there, i saw the list of the hair treatment price and they have few level of expertise ranking from junior , senior and professional hairstylist.

I was bit worried at first as the guy sitting on the road side seems like he is working here and he looks so young. Later we have to wait until 10.45am only the person came to open the door.

There are busy cleaning and sweeping the floor.The first impression when they see us holding this online voucher, is that they don;t seems to welcome us.

We have paid for this and they should treat us just like walk in customer rite?

My husband had his hair wash first.I'm not sure how to describe it.The young guy just ask him to go the sink and wash his hair there and in less than few second his hair is done and they proceed to blow.

They have to measure his length before every cutting and it seems so UNPROFESSIONAL.How come this salon in the website advertise that they are selling PROFESSIONAL SERVICE TO CUSTOMER when i can't see any in the outlet.Not a single person.Oh My Gosh! We are risking our hair to be treated in this way.

As for mine, first time my hair is done by a Malay lady. She washed my hair in few seconds too and not a single scalp massage for me.

She poured the water and my hair left unattended for few second in a wet towel on my head.The water is dripping into my shirt.Was really frustrated.It was a very scary experience and i managed to get my full refund after all.

Service : Bad
Environment : Bad

 NIKO (Ampang Waterfront)
28-1, Jalan AWF1, Ampang Waterfront, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
Phone: 03-4280 5629 / 012-303 3629 (Chin) 

Deal Link :

Facebook : 


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December 5, 2011 at 12:03 PM delete

wow..this is bad..i googled and found your blog when i am checking if there is any comments/feedback for this saloon ( with coupon).
thanks for sharing.

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Pooi Yee
December 14, 2011 at 10:55 PM delete

ya JF, thanks for the is a really unpleasant and dissapointed experience ever had. i never ever want to buy salon voucher again..opss.really not professional hairstylist as promise.