Segway Guided Eco Adventure @ Lake Garden Park KL

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Our quite dedicated trainer. Called me at 10.15am to request if i can come at 10.30am because he had appointment at 12noon. But my appointmet with him is already confirmed online at 11am. He think that i just stay next to Lake Garden.Crazy!.

Overall, he gave us full guidance, explanation on the places we going to visit, how the segway works, how much it cost and we also manage to try on his giant size segway.

He will train us one by one on how to move and lean forward using our body movement. We just need to be relax twist the bend on which way we want to go. I find that the slope training is difficult and challenging.

So this deal is [76% Off] Segway® Guided Eco Adventure @ Lake Garden Park, Kuala Lumpur + Training (Only RM24 instead of RM100) from Jack Cow. I bought 4 vouchers going together with sis.

The Segway® Guided Eco Adventure is a 60 minutes experience on the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT). Excursion starts from National Museum (Musium Negara) and lasts for one hour.

We need to park our car at the National Museum entrance that costs us RM 2 per entry. The trainer is standing there waiting for us.

A 5 minutes training session on the usage of Segway® Personal Transporter will be given.

We Will Visit:

     •    Mouse Deer Park (Taman Kancil)
     •    Orchid garden
     •    Hibiscus park
     •    Botanic garden
     •    We pass by KL Bird Park.

After the 10 minutes training, we are about to go in sequence. We need to keep a distance among each other. Felt so excited, the wheather is so nice today.

When i was about to go up one slope in Botanical Garden, i felt down and injured my elbow. The piping causes my segway lost balance and i just felt on the cement. Painful experience but the most memorable moment.

Bleeding and bleeding! The trainer came up holding the first aid box, but not even a single plaster inside. Poor thing. Then what is the purpose they bring along the first aid box?

Even the liquid to wash the germs also seems like expired. Oh My Gosh! And i just recalled in the voucher they did not stated any protection they going to provide on the knees and elbow part.

I guess they need some improvement for our safety purpose.

Our memorable lake garden place where we took our  wedding picture

Such a lovely place for picnic

We pass by this cooling small water fountain

Segway Parking .Wanna take more sceenery picture. The trainer will take photos for us too. Along the way , the trainer is very worried about me. Haha . Sounds like i'm so clumsy girl.

Stopping by Hibiscus Park.There are many tourist looking at us. Seems like we are superstar today. Got alot of attention from the passer by. NICE!

Wonderful view. Can even see the KLCC and KL Tower view

Beautiful flowers

Such a wonderful and exciting experience we had at such a cheap price. Normal price is RM 100 per person.

According to the trainer one segway cost them about RM 32k. And the giant segway (bigger tyre) cost them about RM 35k .WOW!

Looking forward for another ride. We also went to the National Museum and really amazing to discover new stuff inside. We really enjoy our KL trip today.

Segway® Personal Transporters

Location: Next to National Museum in Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-27826903

Deal Link :

Website :

Marufuku Udon @ Jaya One

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RM4.90 for a Udon + Karaage + 1 Japanese Green Tea worth RM10 + RM2 Cash Voucher for the Next Visit at Marufuku @ Taylors or JayaONE.

Another great deal from We.Buy.Com. For only RM 4.90, I get a big bowl of udon, large piece of karaage and free flow of green tea

The above picture is the house special udon (RM6 usual price). Something different i have tried.

Mixed with half boiled egg.The taste is abit weird. Anyway trying new menu and taste is fun.And my hubby loves this.

3 pieces karaage each for one voucher.The karaage size is large and i'm pretty surprised to see that. Abit oily, the tastes is just nice.

Original Soup Udon.They recomment to eat with the chili paste. Blends well with the udon.The soup taste is just like Sushi King;s Udon.

Plain bowl of udon.The taste is just ok.Nothing special .The portion is really alot. We can choose either hot or cold udon.

Few other choices that are available.The environment is average.Bit stuffy as the area is not covered.

The main entrance is open and i can't really felt the air conditioning dining here.

Quite easy to locate in the middle of palm square. Block L @ Grd Floor. Another new place i have explore

My girl cheeky smile

Even at the lift also can see their advertisement

Marufuku Udon
L-18-G-1, Ground Floor,
Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
(located in between Frontera and Muse)
Business Hours
10.00 am - 10.00 pm

Wendy's Restaurant @ Berjaya Times Square

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50% OFF for 1 Burger (1/4 Pound Single Burger with Cheese OR Spicy Chicken Sensation Burger) + 1 Free Burger (of the same type) for only RM9 instead of RM18 from MyDeal.

Really worth the value for two burger at RM 9 only.We ordered the same both are spicy chicken sensation burger.

This is how it looks like.I'm quite surprised of the ingredient inside which i saw this big slice of vege.So weird. This is my first time trying out Wendy's chicken burger.

The chicken is crunchy, but not that spicy. Seems like those fried chicken taste.
This is the statement in Mydeal website -  a fiery blend of pepper and spices flavoured chicken fillet, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and creamy mayonnaise sandwiched between two premium soft buns.

But I can't see the tomato is fresh and moreover the mayononis is so little .Not creamy at all.

The meat looks so different from the picture illustration below

The counter is well managed, The environment is ok.Not crowded at all.

Overall, the tastes is ok.But my first choice will be still Mcdo.

03-95 & 03-102, 3rd Floor
Berjaya Times Square
No. 1, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 8953

Golden Scissors Lane @ Berjaya Times Square

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65% Off Haircut + Wash + Blow by Senior & Professional Stylist @ Golden Scissors Lane for only RM19 instead of RM55 from MyDeal.

It is located on the 4th floor.Turn right from the main entrance and go up to level 4. You can locate it easily.

A very good deal i have tried today.The young lady hair stylist has been working here for 3 years and i'm truly satisfied with her service.

She given me a hair wash directly at the water sink and slightly massage on the front part of my head only.It takes about less than 10 minutes wash and i guess this is RM 19 wash service that are available.

Quite different from my usual hair salon which will gently massage on my neck and will wash more than 10minutes.

Then continue with the blowing hair process and i request to maintain my hair length and only trim on my thick hair layer.Seems like it only takes me about less than one hour.

Some promotion going on here

My hubby is glad that the girl know what hair style he needed the most.

Golden Scissors Lane

Lot 10 04-50
4th Floor Berjaya Times Square
No 1 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03 2143 2627  or Catherine Khoo (012 2129656)   

Kaizer Xpress @ Oasis MidValley

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50% Deal Kaizer Burgers (Chicken / Beef / Fish) at Only RM2.90 for Dine-in and Take Away @ Kaizer Xpress Mid Valley Megamall ( Halal Certified ) Limited Coupons.

 I orders chicken and fish. The right pic is the chicken. Portion is consider large burger. There is salad and a piece of cheese on the bottom. The fish and chicken meat is nice.For RM 2.90 each burger is such a great deal.

Can be dine in and take away

Kaizer Xpress is located at Oasis food court 2nd floor, far to the end in the middle.Area is clean and they prepare the burger when we ordered.Fresh made and the tastes good.

Kaizer Xpress

No, 521 & 522, Oasis Food Court, Lot S-JA3,2nd Floor, Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
013 365 0925
Daily - 10am to 8pm

Austin Chase @ Gardens MidValley

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A very good deal i redeem today with only RM6.90 to enjoy this premium five star coffee brewed from the finest freshly roasted coffee as stated in the website.

The coffee aroma is good and i love my caramel latte. The location is easy to locate at 2nd floor near to Robinson Dept Store at the corner.

Cosy and spacious environment. A very relaxing and quiet place to hang out and have a cup of coffee. They have magazines, books and free WIFI .

They have few board games, uno and jenga available

I ordered  1 regular 16-ounce hot vanilla latte and iced caramel latte.Another choices in this deal  is hazelnut.

Caramel Latte

Sets available range from RM 8.90 - RM 10.90

Daily Breakfast set available

Having great time with my lovely girl. She enjoying bumping and jumping on the sofa  while grabing one of the jenga.

They also have muffine (RM 8.90) - Choc muffin looks great.Had a glimpse at the Cakes counter such as choc fudge -looks YUMMY. Price range from RM 11.00- RM 13.90.

We are given this 10% discount voucher from this deal. No expiry date but only can use for normal purchase.Not available for sets and on going promotion.

Austin Chase Coffee

Facebook: Austin Chase Coffee
Twitter: @AustinChaseKL

The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City
Lot S-208A, Second Floor,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282 0512
Fax: 03-2282 0512

De Asian Cafe @ Danau Kota

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De Asian Cafe Voucher worth RM 10 .Buy this only at RM 5 .Enjoy 50% for all the local food.Not include service tax yet.

When we reach there this morning, there are few customers dine in as well.Some also holding their everyday voucher.Cool.I bring my family to have our early breakfast at 9.00am.

The environment is comfortable and i saw they uses charcoal to make the toast bread which is something new i have seen.

We have ordered nasi lemak, vegetarian nasi lemak, kaya toast bread, curry laksa.
The drinks we have order are ice cham, kopi o, and honey lemon tea.

But after the waiter taken our order, he came back and tell us there is no noodle available.Only breakfast such as toast bread and nasi lemak is available.

I was pretty surprise as i expect when they open their business at 8am, everything should be ready and in the voucher it stated i can order anything on the menu.

Was really frustrated i can't try the curry laksa and not much choice to choose from the wide variety in the menu as promised!

Another weird situation is, they said there is no more lemon left.So my hubby can't have his honey lemon tea.So weird. There is small minimarket nearby and they didn't keep the stock?

Does this mean that now until 1am midnight they do not have honey lemon?I think they better remove that from the menu.

This is the vegetarian nasi lemak (RM 8.50 ) as in the menu

This the actual dine in nasi lemak.Look abit different

Looking different from the actual illustration in the menu.The cucumber is missing.They said they also don't have the cucumber.I was like ????..This cafe have no cucumber, no lemon, no noodle in the morning, i wonder what else they are out of stock.

I can't see any manager or person in charge around.They are lack of manpower.Service is slow.We end up complaining but in a joking manner as i really have a good laugh asking the waiter and they reply me giving such excuse . WEIRD?

Very nice toast bread with kaya and butter (RM 3.50)..But as you can see we only can have one small piece of the butter.I requested for another one.

But will be charged at RM 0.80. WOW. I think i better bring my own next time.

Wholemeal bread (RM 3.50) with margarine and kaya.Very soft and the kaya is great.We have the boiled egg (RM 2.80) and a cup of white coffee (RM 3.50) since there is no honey lemon tea.

I saw this ice cream cake display.Maybe will try next time. Looks nice

De Asian Cafe (closed)
No 22A, Jalan Danau Niaga,
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Genting Klang,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 012-9612000

Business Hours:
Daily: 8.00 am - 1.00 am