Four Star Mattress at SS2

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Choosing the right mattress that suites our need is very important and I always looks for the best comfort, adjustable firmness, proper spinal alignment, and give me good quality sleep. I get to know this brand Four Star from my friend recommendation.

Four Star is a Singapore based brand that believes a good night’s sleep is never out of reach.

Four Star is Singapore’s no. 1 household mattress brand since 1968 – FourStar has been providing the sale of luxury mattresses at an affordable price to individuals, families and hotel industries worldwide.

There are 3 types of Mattress.

1. Detence Arcticsilk Advance Aireflex Series- AKONI

USP – Cooling Technology Mattress, Plush Top Design, Anti-Static Capabilities

Reduces Muscle Tension

Perfect for those who likes to sleep on softer mattresses and promotes deeper sleepa s it reduces motion transfer.

2. Chiro Series– ENERGIZE

USP – Chiropedic Technology that provides cushioning, allowing a natural spine alignment while we sleep. Suitable for those that likes to sleep on medium firmness mattresses (not too hard & not too soft).

3. Essential Series – BACK SUPPORT

USP – Firm Technology design of such a spring system reduces the movement of the entire mattress when a person moves to one end of the mattress, thereby reducing disruption during sleep

Suitable for those that likes to sleep on firm mattresses, usually suitable for seniors or individual that suffers from backaches.

All mattresses are built with anti-dust mite, eco friendly material (natural latex, coconut fiber) and comes with 15 years warranty.

Good choice for those experience back pain, neck pain and other bodily illnesses. Get the right mattress that suits our needs at Four Star Mattress.

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