Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine at Yarl Brickfields KL

Wednesday, May 01, 2024 0 Comments A+ a-

My first time trying out Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine at Yarl Briekfield and the flavour is so amazing.

There are variety of choices from breakfast to dinner menu. Yarl midday menu is a flavour fiesta. Array of vegetarian and meat dishes to satisfy our cravings. Yarl Thali set, Idiyappam Set or Puttu Set. 

I love the vegetarian corner with simple and tasty dishes with choices of Quinoa rice too.

The mutton varuval are bursting with spices and I love the tender meat and the flavour. The curry prawn meat are fresh and flavourful black pepper chicken.

Fish curry is delicious and the gravy is so appetizing. Must try the Kothu which means 'to chop' in Tamil, a method of preparation. A popular street dish in Sri Lanka. I choose Egg Kothu served with tomato onion curry and the taste is so good.

Egg Appam is freshly-made upon order. Crispy and simply melt in mouth. ☕Masala tea and Yarl tea for the drinks.

This was the best culinary experience to explore Sri Lankan food with home taste recipe at Yarl. Service is friendly and attentive. Dining place is pleasant and cosy.