Chickita Malaysia @ Pavilion Damansara Heights

Thursday, April 04, 2024 0 Comments A+ a-

 Are you craving the tantalizing taste of grilled chicken? I found the  Best Flame Grilled Chicken at  Chickita @Pavilion Damansara Heights, the first Asian Inspired Flame Grilled Chicken Restaurant in Malaysia. Genuine grilled flavour, fresh, tender, juicy and succulent chickens flaming up my appetite! 

Here's what I have tried:-

⭐Chicken Wings (Mango Citrus)+ 2 sides (Garlic Bread and Farmed Corn)

😍Quarter Chicken Leg ( Asian BBQ) + 2 sides (Crispy Fries and Coleslaw). Delicious grilled flavour with the Asian BBQ sauce.

💕Quarter Chicken Breast (Hot Tamarind) + 2 sides (Chicken Rice and Wok Vegetables). Perfectly charred and tender chicken meat that leaves every bite so satisfying. The Tamarita sauce has the medium spice that gave the chicken a spicy kick.

Crispy Tenders with cheese sauce.

Flamed Grilled Chicken Wings. Kids enjoy the

juiciness and tenderness of the chicken wing. 🤩

The Flame-Grilled Chicken is delicious and we enjoy the smoky flavour, A plate of happiness in every bite! Huge portion for the sides and the perfect balance of flavour.


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