WalkPot at TRX Mall

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😍Lunch time cravings for Hotpot?

We had a quick lunch at Walkpot located at TRX Mall where we can customised our own hotpot.

Walkpot is now offering 🎉 50% OFF on a second combo set! This promo is until 31 Jan 2024. 👍Each set consists of 1 soup base, 1 main course, and 1 drink of the day. Such a good deal! 

Must try the side order -Mala-Tup Fried Chicken and Fried rice cake with Osmanthus syrup. Not to forget the Osmanthus Shave Ice for dessert.

We choose for 6 toppings Combo set that comes with drinks of the day too.

How to order?👏

1. choose your soup (tomyam/tomato/sour radish/spicy mala soup)

2. choose your toppings🦐🐙

There are more than 40 fresh hotpot ingredients to choose from such as Prawn, squid, cheese tofu, premium Dory slice, fish luncheon meat, beancurd roll, quail egg, Aust Lamb slice, cuttlefish ball, vegetables and many more!

3. choose your main course (pearl white rice, rice noodle or Korean Ramen) & drinks of the day.

There are many choices of toppings and can upgrade to premium ingredients with additional charges. Fresh ingredients and good choice of hotpot selections.

Tomato Soup is my favourite. Delightful soup taste with the right balance of sweet and sour taste.

Warming and Satisfying meal at WalkPot.

Address: C11-12 TRX MALL (Beside of foodcourt exchange)

**Pork free


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