The Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box from Cake Rush

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Ready for surprises?

Loving this mesmerizing Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box from Cake Rush. My little girl is excited to open the gift box and have fun experience the magical burst of butterflies, delicious treats, and personalized touches.

Forget the basic old birthday cake and go the extra mile - embrace the extraordinary and flutter into every celebration with a wonderfully sweet & whimsical bang!

Step 1: Select Your Base Product

Start by choosing your desired Base Product for the Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box. Indulge in the rich flavors of the three tempting options: Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Fudge, or Ferrero. Let this delectable centerpiece set the stage for the ultimate surprise!

Step 2: Choose Your Add-Ons

Enhance the drama and wonder of the explosion by selecting from the range of exciting Add-Ons. Customize the experience with 4x extra butterflies for a mesmerizing display, personalized pictures to add a heartfelt touch, extra flowers for a charming flourish, and extra sweets to satisfy every sweet tooth. Mix and match to create a truly unforgettable gift!

Step 3: Choose Your Delivery Window

Select your preferred delivery window to ensure your Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box arrives precisely when you want to surprise your loved ones. There are flexible delivery options, so you can plan the perfect moment for the grand reveal!

Step 4: Delight and Surprise Your Friends

With everything perfectly chosen and arranged, it's time to delight your friends and family with the mesmerizing Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box. 

A great moment to create cherished memories together and make every celebration unforgettable!

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