My Girl New Experience @ Kids Public Speaking at Kim's Creative Learning Hub

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I make a wise decision to put my girl into 1.5 days program of Kids Public Speaking, a new experience for her to boost up her confidence and learning to speak on stage. This is something special and they can't learn from their school or in the classroom. I want her to learn and explore new environment where she can freely speak her mind and discover her inner talents.

'Every child is GIFTED with a voice to speak. They just unwrapped their gifts at different times. We cannot rush them. We can hold their hands and show them the way. When they are ready they will blossom'.  

Kim's Creative Learning Hub is A place to spark kid's imaginations & creativity, build self-confidence & have lots of fun at the same time. Teacher Kim will coaching and guiding the kids to build confidence & courage to stand in front of the stage and express themselves.

I am feeling excited too. Waking my girl early morning and we are getting ready for our first class at 9am. Teacher Kim give us a warm welcome and let the kids play around making them feel comfortable and getting to know each other. The first day session will be from 9am to 5pm and 2nd day is from 9am to 1pm. Parents will come in at 11.30am on 2nd day to view the kids presentation.

Kids gather in circle and introduced themselves and getting to know each other. It was a fun icebreaker session and kids are getting ready to focus on today learning activity.

First time standing on the stage to share on her hobby, favourite colour, favourite drinks and etc. 

Kids are getting excited, warming up and answering question.

They are going through the first lesson via experiential games to teach kids Self Worth and Courage. With this game, they learnt that they are worthy regardless of whether they have been called names or hurt by others . Never to let anybody define them.

Next, kids gonna learn breathing. Getting them to be calm on stage, a good technique is to breath in and breath out. If you feel nervous, just remember to breath in.

This is another fun game for the kids to learn Courage

It may look hard at first. Kids get to learn never give up and keep trying

After the lunch break, Kids get to learn to speak the techniques of public speaking using gestures, voice variety and pauses. Plus various techniques on how to overcome the fear of speaking on stage.

Kids have fun together and so much laughter.

Afternoon session continue with individual guidance with Teacher Kim on how to read the speech with the right tone and body language. Kids get to learn how to interpret the speech more lively while having fun learning.

On the next day, kids gather as early as 9am to start practicing on stage with their own speech. I have done few session with my girl at home and I do hope she will perform well. She seems nervous telling me she might forget the gestures and pronunciation of words and etc.  I assured her that just do your best and be calm. Read all the speech with confidence and mummy is just right there watching you on stage. By taking the first step standing on the stage, I already feel my girl have achieve another great milestone and making me proud of her.

My girl is doing her introduction of Declaration of Intention and continue with her Speech title ' Malala'

Mummy is glad she does not feel nervous and give up. She is doing great and manage to finish all her speech so well. A little achievement of her and I am so proud that she take the first step to join this Public Speaking and she want to join again next time.

YEAH !! Happy kids receiving their certificate of completion for Kids Public Speaking

Group photo with parents and their kids

Memorable experience with my girl and she is going into a new milestone and gain a different learning path.

From this program, She will be able to improve her communication skills, increase her self esteem, and developing her confidence in her speech. Besides, I noticed she become a better listeners and have courage to voice opinions by simply putting up her hand to answer questions. A good foundation and a starting journey for her to enroll more into Public Speaking activities.

Here some preliminary details of Kim's Creative Learning Hub offering 10 Weeks Program at Bangsar South KL for 2019.

Start Date : March 15 (Fri) or May 17 (Sun)
End Date:- May 26th (Sunday) is Graduation day at a Mall

3 sessions to select from :-
Every Friday at 4pm to 6pm
Every Sunday at 1pm to 3pm
Every Sunday at 3.30pm to 5.30pm

1st outdoor is on
April 14(Sunday) - Brand Ambassador (1st outdoor performance. Venue to be confirmed).
2nd outdoor is at Atria Mall for their Graduation Speech day on May 26th, 2019 (Sunday)

Normal price:- RM1480/kid
Early bird: RM1250/kid

Call 012-207 1236 for more information and to reserve a seat.