Stye (Ketumbit) - Mum's Worry

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I still remember my friend always laugh at me when I have Stye. They will tease me saying that I peep someone in the toilet / bathing. Very frequent I have Stye especially when I am having lots of heaty food, spicy food and not drinking enough water. And the most obvious day when after I have a packets of peanuts, the next morning I wake up with my eyelid swollen. It begins with a light pain on the upper eyelid and follow by the itchy sensation that makes me want to rub my eye all the time. So let's understand what is Stye and what is the causes and treatment.

Stye means inflamed swelling on the edge of the eyelid. Usually I will pronounce in Bahasa as 'Ketumbit'. It’s an infection that appears as a red bump or swelling near the rim of the upper or lower eyelid. A stye can irritate the eye and cause redness, but it should not be confused with pink eye, also called conjunctivitis. A stye is not contagious and can be easily treated with the early detection stage.

How Does A Stye Form?
The human eyelids have a number of oil glands. These oil glands produce a liquid that helps to lubricate the front portion of the eyes, along with tears. Here the stages of stye formation:

The oil glands on the eyelids can get clogged because of dead skin cells, old oil or old skin bacteria.If this happens, the liquid starts to build up inside the clogged gland and gets trapped there. As it fails to come out, it results in a little bump.This appears like a pimple on the upper eyelid or the lower eyelid.If the sty gets infected it can swell up a lot and get very red. It can cause a child a lot of pain and discomfort.
    What are the symptoms of a stye?
  •     Red bump or swelling near the eyelid (could be upper or lower)
  •     Itchiness of the eye and eyelid
  •     Feeling that an object is in the eye
  •     Watery Eyes
How is a stye treated?
   - Apply a warm compress to the stye 3 to 4 times a day.
   - Don’t squeeze or touch the stye. If the stye drains on its own, cleanse the eye with a    warm, clean washcloth.
   - Go to the pharmacy to get this Fucithalmic cream to treat stye. It is very useful and within 2 days the stye will go away.
If needed, consult the Doctor and will prescribe antibiotic eye drops or eye ointment.

My Own Experience:

I have stye when my body is heaty which means not drinking enough water and eat too much spicy and heaty food. So usually I know very well on the symptom and quickly apply the cream as shown in the picture above. Can get the eye cream from Pharmacy (Guardian/Watson/ Caring Phamarcy). After apply it for 2 days, the stye will be heal faster and totally gone. I will also drink alot of plain water and make sure no spicy/fried food intake. Some remedy i read through website is quite interesting. 


1.Placing a bag of green tea on your stye is great for fighting bacteria and bringing down swelling.

2. Soak a spoon into a cup of hot water. Use the spoon and place on the infected eye for 3 minutes.

3. Slice tomato / cucumber to place on the eye.

My grandmother method : Use the rice hulls or rice husks (the sharp end) to poke the infected eyelid area slowly few times. Not sure how effective it is. But I do tried before.

My son get inherited from me! The first time he get Stye when he was 3 years old. It started with a redness bump on his left eye. We thought his eyes was bitten by mosquito. We did not apply any cream. Just clean and wash his eye with cloth. He keep complaining it was painful and itchy. The next morning, the eye become swollen and we thought it was bitten by a bee perhaps and now it almost cover his eye sight (half). We begin to worry and quickly bring him to clinic and doctor said it is eye infection with pus. Big round white / yellowish pop up. We cannot press the pus and it was treated by applying the eye cream and also continue with antibiotic. This is my first ever experience and unforgettable moments.

I never thought my son will get stye at such a young age. After a week, his eyes get better. I was quite frightened with his eye condition at that point of time. Swollen, watery eyes and he cry in pain. Could not even open his left eye. We need to carefully open his eye to apply the cream on the eyelid and we also scare will affect his eyesight. It is so much different experience  and worry when stye happens to small kids. I also ensure he drinks lots of water and make sure he wash his hand. Use the clean cloth to warm his eyes frequently too.
So my son like peanuts just like me. I need to make sure he drinks lots of water after having heaty snacks like chocolate, biscuits, fried food and others. At 4 years old, he got stye again on the same eye with light treatment. He get it once again recently when he turn 5 years old and I quickly apply the eye cream when I noticed his eyes changes in the shape (where I noticed his left eye getting smaller)  and when he complain itchy.
Prevention :
The best prevention to practice is frequent hand washing and good hygiene. Need to always remind my kids to wash their hand after outing, before handle food and before sleep. Prevent cross-contamination by washing your hands frequently. Make sure family members do not share towels. Good and clean environment for kids to ensure they are always safe from infection.

Most important is - As a parent, we need to be alert on kids when they complain their eye itchy and eye pain condition to get early treatment before it become worst.