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I went twice to Museum of Illusions and seems not getting enough to get through the tricky brain teasers, wooden puzzle games and lots more. We have so much fun exploring this place. Intriguing visual, sensual and educational experience with a handful of new, unexplored illusions.  Amusing and awesome tricks about vision, perception, the human brain and science so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand.

The first visit with my four children and they also get to learn something new while having fun at the same time. Posing together to get the right angle and effect that create lots of laughter during the last weekend. The second visit with hubby to snap more interesting pictures and looking into deeper how to solve those Dilemma Games inside the clever playroom. Must not missed the Vortex Tunnel that will surely drive you mad!
Anti-Gravity Room
I love this the most. You can be creative on your own pose.

This room is certainly a brain basher and will even shake up those who believe in the laws of physics as your brain and eyes make unconscious inferences about whether you are standing on a flat or slanted surface. You will be flabbergasted. Nobody can believe what they see until they have experienced it.
Wonderful, colourful and continuously changing world of kaleidoscopes! You can make a little difference when you turn on the camera flash option just like my middle picture 

Ames Room
In one corner of the room there is a giant, in the other a dwarf! Experience how a person walking back or forth either grows or shrinks before your very eyes in this incredible room of illusions.

Rubin's Vase
Spin it and discover how many faces it hides.

Know the formula well and hubby get to do some light exercise by ensuring those blocks are placed accordingly. I get confused half way so he continue the rest.  You need to swift the small round block at one time and focus on the colours.Only the small size on the top.

Rotated Room
How will you feel when are standing at 180 degrees? Upside down experience for this awesome pictures

The Chair Illusion
It is unbelievable how the perceived size of a person depends on the context which is suggested by the objects which surround it. Explore the laws of perception and play with roles and size rate by simply trying the chair!
I am looking small!

Head On the Platter
Dinner is served! Experience the illusion of a hidden body. Kids have fun with this area the most.
Hollow Face Illusions
The need to recognize faces is so deeply rooted in us that we will fill any hollow space that we are looking at just to see the face.

Beautiful effects of rainbow colours
The most fun part - The Vortex Tunnel
The one and only in this part of the world, the Vortex tunnel will drive you mad and make you try really hard simply to make a step forward through a rotating cylinder – on a completely stable and flat surface.

Once I steps in, I can feel my visions following the turning tunnel making my head spin and shaky leg. My son keep going in for more than 7 times. I wonder if his head spinning or not?  

More Photo and Optical Illusions. I can't seems to get it right looking at this colour wording board. Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and after reading at a faster speed I got mixed up!

Infinity Room 
Have you any idea where fun and wonder never end? In the infinity room, the room of mirrors. Mirrors at full height are installed all around creating an optical illusion of infinite space.

The friendly staff on duty are very helpful and guide us where to stand to take a good pictures effect and explained to us how to look into each part of the tricky eye illusions in the museum.

The Museum has a clever playroom where visitors of all ages can play, compete and learn. The playroom stimulates learning and fun with Dilemma games, wooden puzzles and games, which stimulate cognitive abilities and turn the playroom into a real fitness centre for your brain.

Brain teasers, puzzles, impossible knots, tricks and mathematical games as well as other educational concepts which will break your mind but simultaneously make you smarter.

Perfect place to get your souvenir for your loved ones! Here you can find different types of Dilemma games , puzzle games ,educational toys,3D lighting or at least a T-shirt, pencil or notebook.

Pure Fun, Exciting and learning new experience. Museum of Illusions will surely blow your mind, so get ready with your camera and snap more creative pictures!

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