The Apartment @ Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur

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Beautiful Sunday with my family and we are heading to KLCC for our lunch. The Apartment KLCC have local and western food and they are located at Ground Floor facing the lake. The menu is very expensive and the portion is not really worth the value. The environment is homey and comfortable , i spotted a lift at the corner side of this restaurant too. The service is slow and i always have to called them for few times only they will come to your request. 

We tried this Oven baked fish RM 33.90 - Baked Tilapia fillet topped with cherry tomatoes, grated mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese with sauteed potatoes..The taste was good with fresh tilapia..the kids love it especially
Chicken and Mushroom Pasta RM 33.90 - Spaghetti with sauteed chicken meat and mushroom with white wine garlic and cherry tomatoes. The spaghetti is spicy and the combination is weird..just not blends well.Upset with this dish..

Chicken fritters and fries with mashed potatoes for the kids..

Soup of the day

Apartment's signature food - Ayam Percik RM 29.90. Chicken  coconut chili sauce served with homemade piquant salad and spicy sambal with nasi kerabu. Purely Asian food and i do agree this is worth trying out. The chicken meat is tender and aromatic as well as the nasi kerabu.

Piquant grilled chicken for dad. RM 31.90

Our tables is FULL..Enjoying our brunch and another round of gathering for our family..the kids enjoying the food and drawing the crayon on the paper given by the least they are attracted with the activities while waiting for the food to be served
Free ice cream as promised but need to give them few reminders..disappointed as well..the manager said he will give some surprised..i thought of a birthday song and a small cakes..probably i expect too much..this is not Chili's Restaurant. As such..they can't said this is surprised..this is the usual norm,when dine in with main course ,they will provide customers with free ice cream for the kids menu.

High level of disappointment with their service here.

The Apartment 
Lot G48 & 139, GF & 1st Floor,
Suria KLCC,
50088 KL
Tel : 03-2166 2257

Business Hours :
10am-12mn daily

Menu Link :