The Reality of Working Life

Thursday, April 24, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

April month is filled up with emotions. Surprises awaits me, frustration and disappointments at the same time.

Lucky for being the first caller through to MyFM and win myself some cash and the experience of answering the questions on air within 30 seconds..nervous and excited! While another wish come true when my submission for Make A Wish from LiteFM was granted.

Maybe my expectation is there to achieve what i have sacrificed for my current job. I have done what i should and achieve my own work performance KPI. In the end i get empty peanuts. Totally nothing for me but the rest of the people enjoying their few months of bonuses and increments. I am miserable and confuse over the past few weeks when I know I was at the bottom rating which makes me feel so sad and thinking what is going on. I am more angry and emotions mixed when my bos is avoiding me giving me an answer!

Am I not doing enough? Terribly moody and I want an answer..HAHAH..funny enough because our sales dept KPI does not achieve that. they give such excuses to pull me down..Why they set such high targets? If they do not achieve sales KPI, Why there are money giving away to the staff with some people the drivers managed to get up to 5 months of bonuses? wow...where is the transparency ??? i wonder why. .i am such a loser and even drivers can earn more than?

Well I guess it already happen, I have to accept the fact and move on. But I am totally disappointing that when one company which they do not value employee at all..never appreciate their you think people will stay?

Well depends on what you want to path? Comfort zone working environment? Flexible time? Non stress working environment? Or money is more important than anything else?
Everything happen for a belief and my direction..i know everything happen for a reason and there must be something else for me out there..cheers.