A & W @ Wangsa Walk Kuala Lumpur

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Groupon if offering RM10, for two sets of A&W’s Marina Fish Sandwich Combo (RM21.30 value) from A&W, valid at 19 outlets and i bought one voucher to enjoy it at our nearest outlet at Wangsa Walk (anyway only left this outlet in KL) . Wangsa Walk is always crowded with patrons here and there enjoying the cinema facilities and also many choices of restaurant to dine in as well. A & W is located at Ground Floor. 

When we reached at 6.30pm during weekdays, the whole place is almost occupied and i managed to get the back seats. I queue up to take my orders and the lady staff told me that the Marina Fish Sandwich is NOT AVAILABLE! They are selling quite number of vouchers in Groupon, so perhaps that's explains why there are no fish burger for me..Arghh..again..this always happen when buying online deals..the food is not available..sold out..replace with other choices..No choice but to look for the rest of the menu and i just pick the chicken sandwich instead. This deal i comes with Regular A&W RB, and Regular A&W French Fries. But. i was being informed that the rootbeer is without the float..Oppss.. i never noticed that details in the website..true enough..there are no statement showing the rootbeer with ice cream provided. To compare the price, my chicken sandwich is more expensive than the fish sandwich. So the lady is preparing my order, and i saw she actually putting in the ice cream onto my rootbeer..i think she have forgotten..i just looking at her..and then when she want to put the two rootbeer on my tray, she realize this is using vouchers..so she pour it back and make a new rootbeer for me..haha..i thought i could get one or two scoop of free ice cream.
Then, i ask her where is all the straw? she said finished and i can just drink using the mug.? very funny and i told my hubby there are no more straw! and when i want to take the tomato and chili sauces, there are empty as well..Sigh..what happen to this outlet? everything sold out even the basic needs for our burgers at this hour?can't they replace it quickly? the chili and tomato sauces splits everywhere in that special section, sticky and even on the floor i can spot the chili sauces..Yuks!! i need to go the counter again and ask for tomato sauce for my girl. she gave me 8 packets and i am happy with it. but when i ask my hubby to open the tomato sauce..he told me all the 8 packets is chili sauce! Har? What?  Anger and frustrated!. She can't understand a simple English? The staff attitude is really bad. 

I also notice the floor is not clean and slippery with water and sticky all over the place. I quickly finished the meal and leave this place. Not comfortable to stay longer to enjoy my meal. Then i heard a man began to lose his temper and looking for the manager in charge. He complained how they managed the whole restaurant which i am very much agree with him.

Actually, as i look through their website. A & W also doing set lunch from RM 5.95 onwards just like any other fast food chain in Klang Valley..Anyway i enjoy very much on the rootbeer but not the entire environment in this outlet..

Wangsa Walk Mall
Lot G 55 and G56, 
Wangsa Walk Mall, Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1, 
Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. 
Phone: 03 -4142 2516 
Opening Hours : 10am – 10pm daily (including public holidays).

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/awmalaysia

Deal Link : https://www.groupon.my/deals/klang/aw/718063189

 Location : http://gm-img.s3.amazonaws.com/2014/02-2014/28-02-2014/A%26W%20-%20Outlets%20%281%29.pdf