Ayamaz @ Low Yat Plaza Kuala Lumpur

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Since hubby said he want to try this new place, i agree to come over here to Low Yat Plaza Ground Floor with our vouchers in hand to redeem two hotdog from Ayamazz Roti Impit. Ayamazz? Sounds so familiar..should be the one under KFC , the usual Ayamas chicken that i had. This is the new concept of opening kiosk business introducing the frank buns with hotdogs. Ayamazz Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia on 5th October 2009. Ayamazz Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of its ultimate holding company QSR BRANDS (M) HOLDINGS SDN BHD. We only pay for RM 3.90 for one Jumbo Chili Mayo Hotdog at Ayamazz Frank Buns(original price is RM 6.20) bought from Groupon website.

Combo meal for lunch. Quite expensive without deals. The jumbo hotdogs is finished with just few bites and costs of RM 6.20 is really expensive.

Black Pepper Hotdog - The jumbo hotdog is ready at the counter and the staff just heat up the bun and spread the chili sauce and mayonnaise on top of it. Simple and easy snacks for light lunch. I prefer the black pepper hotdog. No doubt the bread is very soft

Cheezy hotdog

Honestly, the menu is not interesting at all

However, as soon as the deals is over, this Ayamazz Roti Impit is close down. Just a week after we have redeem it.

I just check through the forum in (Malay language), this is franchise business of asking you to pay deposit for the booking of the kiosk for RM 250. the whole investment place costs about RM 154K. The training all provided under KFC management. People are complaining about the fee they charge without clear transparency and felt cheated in this way. Check it out yourself.

Website : http://www.frankbuns.com.my/

Deal Link : http://www.groupon.my/deals/halal-deals/ayamazz-roti-impit/718174450

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ayamazz-Roti-Impit/274252436330

Forum : http://mforum.cari.com.my/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=649325

I Know Pasta Chain @ PV 128 Setapak Kuala Lumpur

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My cousin called me up and i suggest her to come over to PV 128 Setapak and i will bring her around to enjoy the food here. Since she is also born in April month same as mine, i tag my aunt and cousin to visit I Know Pasta Chain to enjoy our free meal. Greeted with warm welcome by Melvin ( nice to see you again) and we ordered their signature food. The staff will ask for IC to prove that it is your birthday month and record it down on their notebook for reference. We both are entitle for one main course and one drinks for FREE. Another great offer is my aunt is entitle for 55% for senior citizen rates and the food and drinks will get discounted price. My cousin orderd the Spaghetti Carbonara and i am craving for baked cheese.

Carrot Milk

Spaghetti with Squid in Sepia Ink Sauce
Spaghetti with clams in tomato sauce

Caesar Salad..my favourite

Deliciouis Baked penne with bacon in cream sauce. Aromatic and cheesy.

Pleasant and comfortable dining environment and since the last visit in December 2013, the quality of the food is still good and most important the portion is exactly the same as they served for me during the food review. Love this place and looking forward to try other menu soon.

I Know Pasta Chain

G-31, PV128,
Jalan Genting Klang,
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel : 03 2303 5613& 012 268 1184 

Business Hours : 11am - 10pm (daily)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ikp.foxcorp?fref=ts

Previous Blog link : http://speciality-weekendtreat.blogspot.com/2013/12/i-know-pasta-pv128-jalan-genting-klang.html

A & W @ Wangsa Walk Kuala Lumpur

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Groupon if offering RM10, for two sets of A&W’s Marina Fish Sandwich Combo (RM21.30 value) from A&W, valid at 19 outlets and i bought one voucher to enjoy it at our nearest outlet at Wangsa Walk (anyway only left this outlet in KL) . Wangsa Walk is always crowded with patrons here and there enjoying the cinema facilities and also many choices of restaurant to dine in as well. A & W is located at Ground Floor. 

When we reached at 6.30pm during weekdays, the whole place is almost occupied and i managed to get the back seats. I queue up to take my orders and the lady staff told me that the Marina Fish Sandwich is NOT AVAILABLE! They are selling quite number of vouchers in Groupon, so perhaps that's explains why there are no fish burger for me..Arghh..again..this always happen when buying online deals..the food is not available..sold out..replace with other choices..No choice but to look for the rest of the menu and i just pick the chicken sandwich instead. This deal i comes with Regular A&W RB, and Regular A&W French Fries. But. i was being informed that the rootbeer is without the float..Oppss.. i never noticed that details in the website..true enough..there are no statement showing the rootbeer with ice cream provided. To compare the price, my chicken sandwich is more expensive than the fish sandwich. So the lady is preparing my order, and i saw she actually putting in the ice cream onto my rootbeer..i think she have forgotten..i just looking at her..and then when she want to put the two rootbeer on my tray, she realize this is using vouchers..so she pour it back and make a new rootbeer for me..haha..i thought i could get one or two scoop of free ice cream.
Then, i ask her where is all the straw? she said finished and i can just drink using the mug.? very funny and i told my hubby there are no more straw! and when i want to take the tomato and chili sauces, there are empty as well..Sigh..what happen to this outlet? everything sold out even the basic needs for our burgers at this hour?can't they replace it quickly? the chili and tomato sauces splits everywhere in that special section, sticky and even on the floor i can spot the chili sauces..Yuks!! i need to go the counter again and ask for tomato sauce for my girl. she gave me 8 packets and i am happy with it. but when i ask my hubby to open the tomato sauce..he told me all the 8 packets is chili sauce! Har? What?  Anger and frustrated!. She can't understand a simple English? The staff attitude is really bad. 

I also notice the floor is not clean and slippery with water and sticky all over the place. I quickly finished the meal and leave this place. Not comfortable to stay longer to enjoy my meal. Then i heard a man began to lose his temper and looking for the manager in charge. He complained how they managed the whole restaurant which i am very much agree with him.

Actually, as i look through their website. A & W also doing set lunch from RM 5.95 onwards just like any other fast food chain in Klang Valley..Anyway i enjoy very much on the rootbeer but not the entire environment in this outlet..

Wangsa Walk Mall
Lot G 55 and G56, 
Wangsa Walk Mall, Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1, 
Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. 
Phone: 03 -4142 2516 
Opening Hours : 10am – 10pm daily (including public holidays).

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/awmalaysia

Deal Link : https://www.groupon.my/deals/klang/aw/718063189

 Location : http://gm-img.s3.amazonaws.com/2014/02-2014/28-02-2014/A%26W%20-%20Outlets%20%281%29.pdf

Johnson's Baby of the Year 2014 @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall

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We are invited to be part of the celebration for this 22nd edition 
Johnson's Baby of the Year Launch which is happening  from 16th-20th April, at 1 Utama Shopping Centre for a chance to participate in some fun-filled Johnson’s Baby Of The Year activities! 
There’s lots of fun for the whole family today and we have a  chance to make an exclusive early submission for Johnson’s Baby of the year contest! 

We reached around 10.30am and managed to get a near carpark to Old Wings and saw the big Star booth is already there welcoming us with lots of Johnson's products. Received goodies bag and the opportunity to get two free photoshoot and i choose for my family photo and both my girls photo.

As usual, my girls are camera shy and not looking at the camera.. sigh...

From May 1 – June 30 2014, Johnson’s Baby invites parents (and their beloved little ‘stars’) to join one of Malaysia’s most highly anticipated baby contests.

This year, Johnson’s Baby teams up with a panel of paediatricians and neonatologist led by Dr Anna Padmavathy Soosai, and Johnson’s BOTY first-ever celebrity judge, Dynas Mokhtar, in support of discovering Malaysia’s all-round youngest stars!  The Johnson’s BOTY 2014 contest honours a more holistic approach to a child’s development, going beyond the physical attributes to involve the cognitive and social-emotional aspects of development as well.

There are new categories introduced this year and every submission stands a higher chance of winning!! And of course in my own opinion is more fair and will motivate more parents to join too.
Category 1 (0-12  months old) Date of Birth: 1 Aug 2013- 31 July 2014
Category 2 (13 months -24 months old) Date of Birth: 1 Aug 2012 - 31 July 2013
Category 3 (25 months - 35 months old) Date of Birth: 1 Aug 2011 - 31 July 2012.
The Johnson’s BOTY 2014 contest is improved and have more prizes worth up to RM100,000 to be won. There will be 3 winners this year in each categories!! Johnson's Baby will also allocate some prizes for 7 consolation winners too. For every submission of photo, your baby photo will appear in Mami & Baby Magazine in November 2014 issue.

Pn Rabitah Hani, Committee Member of OrphanCARE quoated that “Every child needs a family and there are many couples looking for children to complete their lives, hence our mission is to reduce the number of children in orphanages by shortening the matching and adoption process. The support and awareness from being part of the Johnson’s BOTY contest will help us help more children. Very meaningful and helping out young orphans and babies find a loving home by entering the contest .. Every submission Johnson's Baby is donating RM1 to OrphanCARE! Isn't Great?

There are 3 ways of submitting  the completed  entry form and need to attach the most recent 3R or 4R photos together with the receipt:  

1)  the entries can be submitted at participating outlets where free photography services are also provided.( opens to babies (0-36 months)

 2)  by post to Johnson’s Baby of The Year 2014 Contest, PO Box 3186 Subang Jaya, Selangor; 

or 3)  online via Johnson’s Baby Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/ilovejohnsonsbaby.com.
Simple steps and you just need to purchase minimum  RM15 worth of Johnson’s Baby products from May 1 to June 30 2014! and you are on the way into winning the cash prizes..What's more your baby could be the next super star..* do make sure you keep the receipt as proof of purchase*

We are just in time to join in the fun with the stage activities with lively MC and cheering from the crowd for the Superstar Dance!. Both parents Mummy and Daddy can participate with their kids and dress up like as Superstar. I was laughing looking at the daddy on stage parade their bag and doing the catwalk ..haha really fun. Fun weekend we have and free two 4R size photo for us. Memorable!

Some information on Johnson's Baby - For over 100 years, JOHNSON’S® baby has been an expert in baby care. JOHNSON’S® baby is trusted by mothers worldwide for formulas that cleanse, moisturize and protect your baby’s delicate skin, eyes and hair.

Through their experience and clinically proven mild products, JOHNSON’S® baby products enrich the bond between you and your baby, for more smiles and more loving moments.

Up to RM100,000 worth of prizes will be up for grabs. What are you waiting for?? Every baby deserves to be a Johnson's Baby of the Year Star!

Check out their FB page for more updates

Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/iLoveJohnsonsbaby.com?fref=ts

Smashies Burger Promotions Buy One Free One ( 24 April 2014 to 14 May 2014)

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Great news guys..

Just saw  Buy One Free One promotion going on from 24 April to 14 May 2014 @ Smashies Burger for both Setapak and Cheras Selatan outlet.

The selection burger are I am Single (Chicken), I am Single (Beef) and Twilight Bella 
(Vegetable) .Price is RM 10.99 each.

Can purchase it anytime within the promotion period..

Check out their FB page for updates

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SmashiesBurger

The Reality of Working Life

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April month is filled up with emotions. Surprises awaits me, frustration and disappointments at the same time.

Lucky for being the first caller through to MyFM and win myself some cash and the experience of answering the questions on air within 30 seconds..nervous and excited! While another wish come true when my submission for Make A Wish from LiteFM was granted.

Maybe my expectation is there to achieve what i have sacrificed for my current job. I have done what i should and achieve my own work performance KPI. In the end i get empty peanuts. Totally nothing for me but the rest of the people enjoying their few months of bonuses and increments. I am miserable and confuse over the past few weeks when I know I was at the bottom rating which makes me feel so sad and thinking what is going on. I am more angry and emotions mixed when my bos is avoiding me giving me an answer!

Am I not doing enough? Terribly moody and I want an answer..HAHAH..funny enough because our sales dept KPI does not achieve that. they give such excuses to pull me down..Why they set such high targets? If they do not achieve sales KPI, Why there are money giving away to the staff with some people the drivers managed to get up to 5 months of bonuses? wow...where is the transparency ??? i wonder why. .i am such a loser and even drivers can earn more than?

Well I guess it already happen, I have to accept the fact and move on. But I am totally disappointing that when one company which they do not value employee at all..never appreciate their contribution..do you think people will stay?

Well depends on what you want to achieve..career path? Comfort zone working environment? Flexible time? Non stress working environment? Or money is more important than anything else?
Everything happen for a reason..my belief and my direction..i know everything happen for a reason and there must be something else for me out there..cheers.

My Wish Come True- LiteFM's The Wish @ La Risata, Medan Damansara

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Extremely happy when i receive call from LiteFM that i was being selected for one of their participants in 'Make A Wish'  event  in the month of April. I just submit my wish to try my luck and my slogan sounds like this' I wish to learn to cook Italian food from a professional chef as have zero knowledge. This is my birthday month as well and i want to surprise my husband with my culinary skills and to cook a wonderful meal for my family'..

Overjoyed and Aly from LiteFM called me up for recording and surprisingly we have a good chat and actually the whole conversation went on very well and they actually did not edit much and i am not nervous at all answering her questions. I am grateful to have my colleague who  was inside the car on her way home who helps me to record it down and i was sitting at the monorail station and getting ready to listen it on air. They actually aired every single words i said and i really enjoy the laugh and looking forward for my assigned chef.

The cooking lesson is arranged and LiteFM have chosen La Risata @ Medan Damansara. Here we can find hearty Italian dining experience and the word La Risata actually means' The laughter'. No wonder when they introduce me to Chef Andrea, he already have the smiley and laughter characteristic..Haha...Nice day ahead with him guiding me from learnt how to chop, sautee, and prepare the appetizer meal consisting of antipasti (raw vegetables with anchovy cream dip), spaghetti alla puttanesca and pan-grilled salmon fillet with a pesto sauce served with a vegetable caponata. I enjoy the whole process and Chef Andrea have taught me a lot with the tips of 5 sautee elements which i can use it in my cooking. 

The first impression counts..wearing a proper attire in a right way.Now i know how to put on the small towel.
I need to peel of those garlic each and every pieces of it?

Learning skills on the chopping vegetables with the same length and size. The way of holding the knife is also very important

Our first appetizer is finally done. Beautifully plated with colourful vegetables. Appetizing..

The garlic cream taste really good

I guess i need to do more revision on this basic ingredients in preparing Italian food

My pasta is ready..Delicate and Yummylicious!!
Now i know how to twist the pasta to look great on the presentation side.

Sinfully delicious desserts prepared by the chef..melts into my mouth..i love all those desserts. Chocolate volcano which is my favourite. Rich and creamy..simply irresistible!

He is such a nice, smiley and patience chef

We have few cups of the fresh juices and it was awesome
Enjoyable day with this memorable one on one cooking lesson and yes i need to do more practice to makes things perfect.


Website Link : http://litefm.com.my/Special/The-Wish/View-Articles.aspx?arc=1605&sec=86#.U1fUoVWSw5Y

Facebook Link :https://www.facebook.com/litefm.com.my?fref=ts

La Risata

LaRisata Damansara, 
28 Jalan Kasah, 
Medan Damansara

Best Italian - Time Out Kuala Lumpur Food Award 2011 & 2013

Tel: 03-20959572

Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Risata/111300012274827?fref=ts

Bulgogi Brothers @ Mid Valley Megamall

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Bulgogi Brothers is a casual Korean Restaurant that was first opened in Gang-Nam, Korea in 2006 and since then, they have expanded to 46 outlets in South Korea including one in Canada and 4 in the Philippines. In year 2012, Bulgogi Brothers was awarded by the prestigious National Brands Award for Best Korean Restaurant 2012. The staff is friendly and greet us with warm welcome. 

My first visit to Bulgogi Brothers in Mid Valley outlet and i have a great time dining here with my sis and my mum. We try the set lunch menu which is quite worth the value with unlimited refill of the side dish and one main course. Very generous portion compare to other Korean Restaurant and quite addictive on the potatoes..taste so good.

Pleasant and  comfort restaurant to dine in with good service. The staff is fast responsive and will refill for you immediately they saw your plate is finished. I like the most is the lotus, potatoes, kimchi and the spinach. The warm water is free of charge and refillable.

Chicken Bibimbap RM 24, the most popular Korean dish that always can be found in any other restaurant in their menu. Must have this as this is the Korean signature food. The Chicken Bibimbap is served with chicken and vegetables and Bulgogi special spicy sauce. The staff will help us mix all the ingredients and served hot. Flavoursome and i like the bottom part with some crunchy bits. Healthy food with lots of vegetables and this portion actually can be shared for two persons.

Haemul Doenjang Jjigae (RM26.90) - Seafood stew that is slow cooked with soybean stew with shrimps, soft shell crab and vegetables that is served with rice.

Delicious smaller version of the Korean Pancake which comes together with the set lunch

Janchi Guksu RM 16.90 - this dish is known as party noodles in Korea, which is served in a bowl of clear fresh and sweet seafood broth and garnished with vegetables, sliced fried egg and seaweeds.. Simple meal with no meats..i do enjoy the nourishing soup with the smooth noodles.

Fresh seafood and the soup taste is good

Surprised!! Sis bought me this lovely cakes and we enjoy opened it up one by one to put candle on it and singing a birthday song together.. The staff is also very kind to give us empty plates and forks ..I think we have spend more than 3 hours here sitting there laughing, chatting and taking selfie pictures.

Thanks sis and mum for being there cheering me up. It was a lovely day that i can really laugh and we are so happy seeing our funny selfie photos. Although i am upset and frustrated for the last few days (for not being appreciated doing my job, not getting paid when everyone is enjoying their 2,3,4, 5 and even up to 6 months bonuses)  i can still put a smile on my face because i always think something happen for a reason and there are more good things awaits me...being with your loved ones is the best thing i treasure the most.

Memorable day just the three of us on this beautiful evening..Good service always makes me wanna come back to dine for sure.

Mid Valley Megamall
Lot T-013B, Level 3,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-2282 2413
Facebook Page: Bulgogi Brothers Malaysia

Website  : http://www.bulgogibros.com.my/