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Watching movie at home comfortably with my family members with big TV screen and good sound system is always my dream. Comfortable and relaxing moment wathing my favourite drama or movie with the new INLAB SENZ PROJECTOR NEW LAUNCHING.

INLAB Senz projector - Theathre like projector is hassle-free , easy to setup.

The way projectors work is that they reflect light off a projector screen, rather than an LED TV or OLED TV that produces and emits its own light, and that image from the projector is actually much easier on the eyes.

 It comes with a TRI-Speaker that is a Dolby Audio-certified sound system. The SENZ speakers, loud, clear, rich in all aspects. 

It has Auto Focus & Auto Keystone Correction. Also has Electronically Focus & 4 Points Keystone Correction. The projector has multi-connectivity choice 2x USB, 2x HDMI, 1x 3.5mm headphone jack that easily connected.

With all this connectivity, INLAB SENZ has a huge variety of potential to serve. So will also not have any last minute trouble if needs any input ports.

INLAB SENZ PROJECTOR has the following great features: - 

Screen Mirroring: -Easy Access to Smartphone

Smart Features: -ANDROID 9 - WIFI - BLUETOOTH 

Various Connectivity: -2 X USB / 2 X HDMI / 1 X AUX Port

Compact Size: -29 CM (L) X 22.1 CM (W) X 9.5 CM (H)

Besides that, With SENZ, we can get a smooth gaming experience, no more motion-lag or stuttering during the gameplay. Bring the gaming experience to the next level, and bringing the gaming to life. Especially when kids wanna have game session, the clear screen makes it more exciting and clear.

INLAB SENZ is currently selling at RM989.90 (after discount). It is at a very affordable price as to compare if you are getting a large TV screen which cost around more than RM 10,000. Why want to pay more when you can opt for a better quality TV screen and choosing INLAB SENZ where you can get greater quality and pay less.

It is the best way to spend my quality time with my Family members on watching my favourite movies and playing games. Quality screening experience and family bonding together.

INLAB Senz is the best value model with the price point. Portable size, compact and easy to use. Convenient to bring it along to anywhere!

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