Healthy Feet Talk Show & Free Foot Alignment Check @ JennOrtho, Sunway Velocity Mall

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Ever since working from home during this pandemic time, I have lesser walking time and lack of exercises too. I felt my feet and knee pain is back. I decided to go for my foot alignment check this round at JennOrtho Sunway Velocity Mall and at the same time they are having this Healthy Feet Talk Show.

The Healthy Feet Talk Show by Dr. Edmund is very impressive and I gain lots of knowledge about the common foot problems, different feet alignment and getting a perfect insoles for good arch support.

There are 5 common types of feet - Neutral (Normal), Flat ,Pronated, Severe Flat, Severe High and High Arch Feet. A 3D custom medical orthotics is recommended to realign the foot with the body. Dr. Edmund also advised to bring children below 12 years old to get their feet checked earlier to detect any feet problem and to correct them when still young.

Besides that, we can practice some light exercises to improve our feet conditions And of course choosing the right footwear is important to prevent and reduce foot pain, knee pain and lower back pain.

JennOrtho is located at 3rd floor, Sunway Velocity Mall offers free foot alignment check. JennOrtho is the Asia's leading provider of individually designed 3D Custom Medical Orthotics. Various designs of shoes selection with good arch support insoles in the store.

JennOtho blend the right shoe technology with the individual needs to provide extra comfortable and functional performance footwear and orthopedic shoes.  The orthotic experts are there to advise and help on the foot concern.

I tried The Foot Alignment Check to know more about my foot condition. Easy steps to follow. Step on the scanner barefooted, scan on each foot and the complete foot analysis report printed out. It is very detailed and the orthotic experts will consult on the result, ways to improve my current foot issue and choosing the right shoe wear and arch support for a better comfort.

Children Orthopaedic Footwear that provides extra support and to correct severe flat feet. 

Thanks to Dr. Edmund Lee, a renowned Orthotist & Prosthetist and founder of JennOrtho on his advise how to take care of our feet, maintining a good posture and get the right shoe types to reduce knee pain.

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