Challenging Egg Hunt @ Paradigm Mall

Saturday, April 27, 2019 0 Comments A+ a-

We have fun and gain new experience from the recent Egg Hunt activity at Paradigm Mall. It was totally different types of egg hunt activity compared to our previous visit to Sunway Putra Mall. This is much more challenging and physically tiring and need to squeeze my brain to think for the answers. The event organizer provides us little cute bunny hairband for each participant. The mood for Easter Egg day is there and we are feeling extremely excited! The event started around 11.30am ,slight delay from the actual time. Kids are waiting anxiously.  Finally, the Easter Egg hunt begins!

The paper sheet is full of questions and clues. Very tricky and we need to think hard what is the shop name with the clues given. Searching in the google website, looking for directory and searching for the shop names. We are not familiar with the shop name in Paradigm Mall. Challenging to bring along 4 kiddos walking up and down to look for the Easter egg. At first, we are abit lost. So we look at the clues slowly and figure it out one by one. 

I was happy to met my ex-colleague while we busy hunting. He was the regular shopper there! He help me out with some of the shop names and yeah we took the opportunity for photo session together first since we hardly meet each other.

We managed to collect all 15 eggs at all the stated locations. That’s the satisfaction and completion of mission for hunting the Easter Egg. And kids said they are tired, but happily opening up their sweet treats while we having our lunch at Sushi Zanmai.