Egg-Tastic Easter Hunt @ Sunway Putra Mall

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Mummy is excited during the month of April. It's my birthday month and also a celebration of Easter Day. It's been a while since the last Egg Hunt activity at Parkamaya,Fahrenheit 88 with my kids.  

I Immediately signed up for Egg-Tastic Easter Hunt @ Sunway Putra Mall when I saw it published at FB page. This is exclusive invitation for Putra Junior Club and Autsome members. Can't wait to meet the Easter bunnies!
They are feeling excited and looking forward to finish the egg hunt activities the fastest that we can.  We reached early and the registration was fast. Each registered kids are given a goodie bag and a guide showing which shops they need to find the Easter Egg. The shops name and location are stated clearly for them. Bunnies appearance to make the children more happy and cheerful!

While waiting for the egg hunt activity to start, we walk around to explore other fun activity such as:-
1. Carousel ride
2. Animal rides - bunny
3. Trampoline
4. VR games
5. Arts and crafts related to Easter theme
6. Playground ticket promotions

Finally, all participants arrived, many are dressed in cute and pretty Bunnies costume and they are getting ready for the brief. The event is kick off with the little ones pulling the hand-held firework. Let's begin our Easter Egg Hunt!!!
Look for this sign at the participating outlets
We start from Ground Floor up to Level 4 to hunt for the Easter Egg. The mall staff is helpful and friendly. We have fun hunting for the hidden eggs and kids are happy getting different types of Easter egg design . They are curious what's inside there, keep shaking it. Chocolates and sweets for sure!

It was quite easy to complete the egg hunt, just look for the store and collect the Easter Egg. Some require the kids to look around the shops where the staff hide the eggs and do a simple task.

Cute little bunnies. Kids need to do some challenge here to collect their Easter Egg. Jump and hop like a Bunny!
Awesome!! We managed to collect all 16 Easter Egg within 25 minutes and they can't wait to open up all. Love the beautiful design of the eggs and it was really a memorable moment for us. Hunting Easter Egg with my 3 kiddos is really a great experience! They just pull my hand and GO, GO, GO!!
Congratulations to the winners for best dress participants!
OMG! So many sweet treats. They are going hyper!
A fun weekend and bonding time with my kids. We have a good Egg Hunt together and looking forward for more fun activities like this.

** Some Photos used here- courtesy to Sunway Putra Mall FB Page