SnowWorld House with Halloween Theme @ Resorts World Genting (First World Plaza, Level 2)

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 I was frightening and told hubby that I am scared of cold. Hubby said just hold on to the full attire given and you will be fine. The last visit to snow house was at I-City together with my eldest girl when she was just 8 months old if I can recall. This was my second visit to SnowWorld Genting and it has changed alot!. We reached there by 8.45 pm and the staff ask us to wait for the next schedule to go in at 9pm. Each session are approximately 40 minutes.
The ticketing rates. When you purchase any theme park tickets, you are entitle for further promotion rates.
The following items are NOT allowed into this attraction:
  • Loose items
  • Cameras and video cameras
  • Food and drinks
  • Mobile phones
Dress Code:
  • Winter jacket, boots, gloves, socks and long pants
  • No slippers or heels
  • No short pants
Looking some of the information while waiting
The temperature is -5 Celcius..cold.....
We are all quite excited for this is the special Snow World House with Halloween theme. Snow Monster Bash

When we are inside, we need to choose the jacket and trying on the sizes. It was comfortable and the jackets does not stick and smelly. They do their cleaning very consistently and maintains a very good hygienic attire. Glad to know that. 
Next, we tried on the boots according to your sizes and when you feel comfortable wearing it, then you can choose for the hand gloves.
Different sizes of the hand gloves. Hubby requested the staff for red colour hand gloves to match with his jackets and boots which are all in RED
The staff will assist us by putting in the coin to unlock the locker and we just need to keep the key.You can put all your shoes and other belongings inside this secure lockers
The staff are friendly and helpful
I am ready to go in!!!
When I steps inside, I quickly walk to the front and start asking hubby to snap photos..And said better be quick. I am scared of Cold...remind him again and again.
Nice view
This is so beautiful. The Snow World is decorated with Halloween theme.

World Heritage concept. Now let's check out the upper level

Freaking cold

This was the fun moments
Pull! Pull! ..Hold on tight 

Sweet moments with sis. Glad we can travel together for this trip

View from the first floor. Awesome!
Wide space to move around and breathtaking place to snap some nice photos. When you are at certain area, the lights will be more brighter and good chance for you to take pictures
There are options to have the Cresta Run Slide, but visitors have to meet the height and weight requirements as below:
  • Minimum height: 4 ft
  • Maximum weight: 65kg

On the first floor, It was slippery and we both nearly fell down. Holding tight to each other we walk to the middle center to snap this castle pictures. There are signage showing that the floor is slippery and always walk carefully.

Heading into Mystery Halloween House
Boo!! Here not so cold. I can hide here for a moment

Now which door to choose for exit?

We are about 25 minutes inside and It was really really cold!!!! Hugsss
Now what? Ok we are pretending to be steady 
Another pose is hugging each other 
And holding on the cold ice. I was expecting the snow..hmm...

After the cold session, we can warm up ourselves here. 
*You can choose to come out if you feel too cold and rest on the chairs first. I come out and open up my boots, My toes are numb and very cold. I took off my jacket and start to massage my toes and warm up my hand and body. 

The photos was the best memory and I wish to visit again with my kids next round.

Level T2A, First World Plaza

Monday - Friday
10:30am - 10:30pm (Normal Days)
09:30am - 11:30pm
 (Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays) 

Saturday / Eve of Public Holidays
09:30am - 11:30pm (Normal Days) 
09:30am - 12:30am
 (Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays)

09:30am - 10:30pm (Normal Days)
09:30am - 11:30pm
 (Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays)

(You can refer here for the different time slot)

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