The Champ Kitchen @ Kepong

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The Champ Kitchen is located in Taman Perindustrian KIP, Kepong. Hidden treasure in this place and I am glad I found a nice place to savour the best braised pork knuckle in town.
It is prepared using a family recipe originating from Fujian, China that has been established since the late 1800’s. A true family recipes that was passed down to 4 generations.  They produced over 100 to 150 pork knuckles twice a week in the the big wok near the entrance door and was boiled slowly over 72 hours! That was amazing. By just looking at the whole interior, this place looks inviting and a family friendly place to enjoy their home cooked food.

The gigantic wok that can fit in 150 pieces pork knuckle and you can drop by to see it yourselves on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Dang Gui Salted Chicken
Servings of cooked steamed chicken with traditional recipe that are delicious, aromatic and nutritious.

Pork Lard Rice. Taste good with this simple meal

Heavenly aroma Claypot Pork Knuckle which is fully infused with ingredients cooked in the long hours. The finished result is meltingly tender pork with a fantastic sauce.Comfort food and chewy pork texture that impressed me so much. After hours of braising in a savory liquid, the pork becomes tender and savoury.

The egg was beautifully done
Springy Pork noodles
Pork Hind Rice. It was indeed a flvourful pork meat in a bowl of warm rice with preserved vegetables of ham choy, mui choy and a 'hot spring' egg. Awesome!
The side dishes
Appetizing White Jade Garlic. The pork meat is slice perfectly and dip with the sauce that consists of ginger, garlic and soy sauce.

Flavourful New Zealand Lamb Belly With Foo Zuk & Fermented Bean Curd Sauce.
One of my favourites - Hot & Sour Mustard. The thick gravy is delicious with a hint of sourish and spiciness. Best to pair with a bowl of rice.
HK Cold Century Egg Tofu
Pork version of Lo Mai Kai (Glutinous rice). I was not impressed by the Lap Cheong ( Chinese Sausage) and the pork meat. The lap cheong was sliced too thin. Perhaps they can have give a better portion on the meat.
Japanese Slow Braised Beef Brisket
Grill NZ Lamb Belly With Szechuan Pepper 100g.
The lamb is slide off easily and the meat was tender.
 Minced Meat Omelette
 We are served with the Minced Meat Omelette. It taste great with smooth texture of the omelette
Salted Fish Minced Tofu  Soft bean curd  tossed with salted fish
 Pork Neck Skewer - 4 pcs
Amazingly delicate pork skewers. Every bite is so satisfying with juicy meat textures

Smooth HK Century Egg

 Fried Man Tao Buns
Delicate soft and fluffy in every bite
 Fresh Sze Chuan Style Grilled Horse Mackerel

Premium Double Boiled Soup with Shark bone, Old Hen & Fish Maw - Nourishing and full of nutrients broth
 Lotus & Arrow Root Soup
Combination of chicken feet, lotus, arrow roots and peanuts. Homemade soup that are served in the unique small pot. The flavor of lotus root satisfies our palate and warms up our tummy.

Hong Kong-style Wanton Soup 
We enjoy every mouthful of the fresh dumplings

  Home Made Sea Salt Ice Cream
The signature Truffles Bacon Ice Cream - Either you like it or hate it. That what they defines this ice cream creation. For me I am not fancy on that taste of the ice cream. But I saw other foodies they enjoy it very much.
It’s an indulgence not to be missed!
Overall, I love the food here and the price is reasonable. The menu starts from as low as RM 5 to RM 38. You can have option of small bowl of rice or noodles and also opt for a larger portion to be shared among family members or a group of friends.

Definitely a good place to dine in and I will highly recommend this place. My favourite dish are braised pork knuckle, hot and sour mustard, pork skewers, pork lard rice, pork hind rice and the hearty broth of lotus soup. Yumm!

Here are the menu :

The Champ Kitchen

No 19 Jalan KIP 1

Taman Perindustrian KIP

52200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 6275 1919

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday - 11.30am to 8pm
                          Sunday - 9am to 7pm