Our First Experience Together - Allianz FOODIE Hunt 2015!!

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We joined the food hunt organized by Allianz for the very first time together. Tag along sis and my cousin, we managed to join in although at first we are worry about the haze, my brother convocation on the same day and one nite before my cousin have diarrhea. No more worries and we are ready for this event. We reached early for our registration and we take a pose for our team photo. We are Team 7 ( Lasak Cousins).  In total they have 33 teams and all have to take LRT (Putra, Monorail, KTM ) to reach the destination. We have to do lots of walkings today.

Registration fee is RM 90 per team and we are provided a goodies bag with T-Shirt, cap, mineral water and mask. Lunch is provided and certificates will be issued as well for all participants
Feeling good and motivated but the weather is cloudy with haze conditions. I just hope it won't rain. We start off with briefing and warm up exercise. We are going to do ZUMBA exercise. You must be kidding me. ZUMBA for morning exercise?? We are going to lose up more energy. After doing some steps moving here and there, we are teasing each other. I saw some just stood there not following the steps and ya we also do half way and just move our body left and right. I would prefer a light exercise with some stretching is more than enough.

 We are ready for the food hunt!!!! Can't imagine how far I can run and how fast I can finish up the task

They called up the team member leaders and team name and each of us are given a clipboard with the 8 checkpoints that we going to hunt and must reach at the final stop by 1pm.  We have to get the stamps at each station after we finish the task.

I screen through few locations and luckily it only cover KL area which is 5-10 minutes walk from the LRT station. But there is one stop that reminds us we need to have the longest walk to reach that destination. The papersheet is given to us with full address of the pitstop and we can find the location using our smartphones. Whenever we reach the destination, we need to take a group picture together and hashtag it on the spot into our facebook page.

When the flag is off at 9am sharp, all the participants run towards the KL Sentral LRT station. We went to the first stop at Masjid Jamek first. While inside the packed train, we google and find the locations of the food hunt. As many groups are proceeding the same way, we also follow from behind. 

And here is the Restoran Jai Hind. It was at the back of the Masjid Jamek station and along the streets are the mamak stall. When I see the serving of the food, I reluctant to eat. I never try the sweet thing in any indian stall before. My sis volunteer to eat as she haven't had her breakfast so I said you go ahead ya..I can't take it. When she had her first bite, she show me her funny faces..I know how it feel..ahaha..must be very very sweet (she also thrown up in the sink) can' t take it. sticky indian sweet snacks that contains too much of sugar..Yuks!

Just realized after reading sis blog her facial expression is really like a dracula
We managed to answer the special task given to name all the Indian Sweets in the restaurant with the help of the owner ( I think he is the owner), Helping us showing us the pictures and relates to which food name.
We make a quick move to the second restaurant to eat Roti Spesial and teh tarik @ Mansion Tea stall. But there are no teh tarik serving for us. Only roti canai with two half boiled egg. Sis is too hungry, she eat all within a second to wash down her sweet indian snacks..I heard some of the team are still waiting for their fresh make roti canai which I thought the organizer should make it all ready for 33 team. Luckily we did not have to wait and after finish the food, we move to Kampung Baru, our next pitstop.
We actually have fun taking the LRT ride and yes walking along the hidden street that I never knew off although I am a regular user for Star Lrt and Putra but yet to discover this back lane of Masjid India.  We look around and we love to take the signboard of each station we drop by too.

After our breakfast session, it's about 10am now. We are heading towards Kampung Baru to hunt for Nasi Campur and Nasi Padang. Sound delicious and tempting for our lunch. We met with another team and the guy approach us asking are we on the way to Kampung Baru as well. We suggest to walk together and find the way. This is seriously mad because I never stop at this station before and we spend about 15 minutes of walking in order to reach the destination. 

The Kampung Baru station is hidden in a Kampung street with the same design of all the houses, shop and restaurant. The restaurant here is look alike to each other and the worst thing is you can't see the restaurant name from outside. It was written inside the eatery place. The road is quiet, empty and it was actually quite frightening. We are lucky to have 3 guys with us walking together along the way. Perhaps, the crew should drive around to observe us coz I don't feel safe in this area. Feeling lost, miserable and the motorcycle is everywhere. Not a safe road to walk for us as well.
When we reached Restoran Pak Ali, I saw the white rice is like a mountain. Whole plate of rice need to be finish up along with the fried fish and dry petai and bunch of leaves ( the leaves looks weird). My cousin said she can take up this task and she finish it up very quickly. Condiments from the chicken curry, the rice is all finished up and I ask the crew are we done? He replied us " There are still few pieces of rice." Har??? There is only about 5-7 drops of rice there.. He said all team members must clear up all the rice on the plate. OMG!

We walk backwards to find Restoran Masakan Padang Asli @ Kampung Baru. We walk about 10 minutes but still could not find that locations. We saw few other team members and asking if they know the locations. We actually miss out the junctions. We did not realized that was the restaurant because again no signboad of the restaurant name. Headache!! It's time for me to EAT!! I am so HUNGRY! It's so funny because my sis capture this picture showing my ugly faces. I was asking the crew pointing the food- Do i need to eat that orange colour thing as well? He said no..only the rice and fish..hmm..okok..

The nasi padang is served with fish and banana ( i have no idea what is that banana). The fish gravy was delicious and I am glad that the rice portion is small. I finish it very quickly and we walk back to the far LRT station. This area took us almost 50 minutes.

As we walking and waiting for the train, we look again this bonus challenge question. It was extremely headache one although some might look at it very simple. It is tricky and we even text some friends asking any idea of those pictures means.I guess Pasembur, ayam pongteh and pisang. The rest are taking us some time. The roti is funny with a picture like a tree. I thought is the roti pokok? or roti tissue? then we think again..oh ya the picture looks like a bomb. So it should be roti boom
Here we are at the 5th stops at Nasi Kandar Pelita Jalan Ampang, I am familiar with this area and lead the way. When I see the mee goreng mamak, I am glad that was my favourite food and I am asking my sis,,are you hungry? You want to eat or I can eat? Let's do it! So I managed to finish it less than 10 minutes. Team 7..gogo go!
KLCC!!! We enjoy taking photos here with this beautiful scenery and we hardly walk to this area to stop at the KLCC entrance to take pictures. Since today we need to take team photos, we grab this opportunity to take more fun pictures together.

After discussing with each other, we decided to drop out 2 stations which sounds impossible to us although the time just showing 11.15am. One station is at Pudu to eat the cendol ( we need to take transit from Masjid Jamek and change to Star LRT to Pudu station) which is time consuming. Another station is nearby KTM station which can be reach by Putra station to stop at Pasar Seni station and we have no idea how far is the longest walk.  I can sense the place is not easy to find and we are also not familiar with that area. This station is to finish up Nasi Lemak Tanglin. The nasi lemak does sounds good to me.
We took the train back to Bangsar station and walk at the back lane to find Jalan Kemuja Bangsar. We managed to located the place with the mystery logo given " IE" which is the FIERCE Curry House. Along the way of this food hunt, we talk to strangers and desperately asking for directions and helps besides looking at the smartphones to find the locations. It is 11.45am and we are at the 6th stops. Not bad huh..

Sis said the briyani rice is delicious and she finish it all very fast while uploading the final photo in FB at 12 noon. We put high hope to win the best photo section.
As we walking to the last stops, we bump into a group asking us ARE WE DONE ALL? I was telling them yeah..we going to the final stops already .Win win Win!!! 
Finally, 6 minutes walk from Fierce Curry House, we reached  Restoran Rebung Ismail Bangsar. It has the beautiful landscape and cozy place to dine in. Big banner of Allianz welcoming us on this final stop and we are so relieve that we manage to complete 6 stations and eat all the food in a very fast pace ( we are all well trained coz with kids you will need to finish your food within 10 minutes)..haha..The first team to arrive completed 8 station and they reached before 12 noon. Amazing!
Wow..Hurray..we are surprised by the massage treats that are complimentary for us, Throwing my bag at the side and quickly sit down and enjoying the relaxing shoulder and neck massage. I wish i can have the foot massage or foot bath. This is heaven.. We are smiling happily and Yes I wanna fall asleep too.
When I heard that they will serve high tea, I was excited thinking of cakes and desserts, but they serve roti jala, mee hon, rojak, fried pisang, and kuih. When I see those, I already full and I only want to munch on the fresh fruits - watermelon!!!! Yumm.and I am so tired.
Rebung Ismail Restaurant is a nice place
Our certificates!!! Happy Happy faces after massage

Yeah!!! We did it! Completing the task and challenge together is the most satisfying part although we did not win anything. We gain new experience and our bonding relationship.
Sister best photo compilation. She has done a very good job and I am glad we have join this event together. We really appreciate the day we can have outing together especially with my cousin Sheren and it's been a while since we have fun together. Looking back at the picture, we feel young and energetic..Hey aren't we just look alike we are in 18's?? With college attire that is going for orientation activities?? I miss those moments.
We need to leave early for my brother convocation that happen on the same day. We text our cousin to get her updates on the winning team and the answers given for the bonus challenge question.

The champion is the team that walk together with us to Kampung Baru who look very steady and we were chatting for a while that they did not even know what is the prize for today event. The three guys were funny though ( with blur looking but the champion) wow..

When my cousin tell us the answer, we were shocked!
1. Teh Tarik
2. Apom Balik
3.Chicken Rice Ball (This answer is a mystery to all of us)?? Then after the event I able to figure out how. Coward=Chicken, Grain=Rice and the circle symbol showing a ball! Oh yeah..the most hardest question

4. Roti Boom
5. Ayam Pongteh
6. Rendang (Pulau Redang??)
7. Bahulu
8. Pisang Goreng
9. Pasembur
10. Otak Otak (Never thought  we can play around with the words and get such answer)

We were laughing and still talking about it when we reached home and chat with each other on what we have gone through. We are proud that we make it the first team to arrive that completed 6 checkpoints as early as 12noon. It was a brillant move to drop the two stations because I heard from the other team the journey was 5 km from the station to find Nasi Lemak Tanglin!

I told hubby about it and I was so excited to enroll again next year and I am joking with him let's go together since you have more common sense than me because of the tricky bonus challenge question and he answer me ..hmm..I can join..but the Malay wording is killing his brain..Hahah..

Thanks Allianz for organizing this event and perhaps they should have a better improvement ahead in terms of the arrangement of the food and more goodies plz..


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Muahaha. .can't stop laughing. Omg so kelakar. .. yes we really had fun sis. 1st ever blog so fast sbb really memorable. Event of the year.