Izakaya Chochin @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

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Hey..we found a new eatery place and 5 of us are really excited as we enter the Japanese Restaurant. We are heading to Pavilion for our lunch and the decorations of this restaurant is really impressive. I don't even know what is the set lunch was and my colleague said Let's Dine In..okok..now what's the price range? OMG!! Starting from RM 28 for a bento set..higher range of food strategically located at the Level 3 where this place turns out to be the most happening walkway when it comes to lunch hour and happy hour. The whole restaurant is crowded and seems like the most interesting attraction is the Tatami room style where we can sit comfortably on the cushion to enjoy our meal.

 Izakaya (居酒屋?) is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. They are casual places for after-work drinking.After looking this word in Wikipedia, now i understand why the whole place is surrounds by decent selection of sakes, Korean Liqour, whiskey, Japanese beers. It seems to be the full bar with wide selection of drinks with some standard Japanese cuisines in a nice atmosphere to chill out and for relaxation.

Comfortable and each section they have their own decorations. Some with really unique Japanese styles

The current bento set that we have tried. 

Hot / cold ocha that is refillable

Miso soup and salad that are included in the bento set. The miso soup is half of the teeny bowl. Not served hot and we are all very disappointed.

Unagi Kabayaki Bento set RM 38 - Presentations of the food looks good with Japanese pickles, rice, watermelon, Edamame, and sort of the Kimchi vege with some spicy kick. Appetizing and the the unagi portion is quite huge and the taste is really good.

My choices of Saba Teriyaki Set. There is no Teriyaki sauce on top of the Saba fish and I requested one small bowl of Teriyaki Sauce. The saba fish is fresh and with crispy glittering skin. The portion is really worth for the price I'm paying for RM 35. 

Sushi and California roll set RM 35. The sushi is really nothing to shout about and the california roll is just the simple Japanese cucumber, egg and crab meat inside. The rest as can see clearly on this picture above, there are few pieces of Tuna sushi, butterfish, cuttlefish, prawn and the inari. This set i can easily get it at Isetan Supermarket for even at a cheaper price. The portion is very little and not really satisfied with this quality of food.

Sashimi and California Roll set. This is the worst set ever with over priced charged and we are getting the lousy Sashimi set!!. The set comes with the cheaper range of the sashimi with only prawn, tuna and some cuttlefish..Not even a single pieces of SALMON given for this set at RM 40!! Will you be ordering this? I guess you have to judge it yourselves. 

The whole set doesn't worth it at all! How can this restaurant set this set at RM 40 but we are getting such bad quality of the food?? This sounds like burning a hole into our pocket and we are really upset and anger looking at this bento set.

Izakaya Chochin @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Level 3