Cafe Vienna @ Menara Hap Seng Kuala Lumpur

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  After spending our time wondering around at Menara Hap Seng, we finally settle down at Cafe Vienna, which are Austrian-themed restaurant located at Ground Floor. I tried their set high tea before at Suria KLCC from the deals purchase online, but the food was just average. We saw the promotions offering RM 18.90 for set lunch that includes one set meal+ free flow salad, pastries, soup and drinks. It was quite presentable and inviting when we enter into the restaurant with polite staff but there are no customers inside even at this peak lunch hours. We just give it a try since the free flow foods looks captivating.

Salad bar with egg pancake and vegetables soup

Current set lunch promotion for RM 18.90. 

Comfortable seats for large group of people

Kaesespaetzle Home made Spaetzle served with sauté mushroom, turkey ham, Spinach, Onion & creamy Gorgonzola-Gruyere cheese sauce. My colleague was giving us a shocked look and even myself was wondering how is she going to finish this meal. The soft noodle is looks like Japanese Udon..but the shorter version. She could not finished the noodle and the  taste does not blends well.

Pan fried dory fish served with saute spinach and lemon dill sauce. The whole presentation of the food is bad and when i begin to cut the dory fish into smaller pieces, i realize there is not even a clear fish meat i can see from inside. Even my finger is bigger than the portion of the dory fish..The dory fish layer was so thin, they cut it smaller and put on too much of flour to pan fried it. I was really upset with the quality of the food here. Totally bland and unappetizing!!!

The sauce is rather weird and watery

Deep fried chicken breast served with saute potatoes and black pepper sauce. This is rather flavourless..The chicken breast is just the normal marinated chicken that can easily found in Hypermarket such as Tesco/ Jusco. The plate is very huge but the chicken is too small and not worth the price that we are paying for this set meal!!. The taste?? All of them complained about it..Perhaps only can taste the strong black pepper sauce!!!. Haha..really terrible!

My colleague ordered the same meal but her fish meat is so much bigger than mine..Obviously, she can see clearly there are fish meat inside compared to mine which i can only taste the non-crispy flour!

The cake is soft  fluffy but too much of cream.

Unworthy and regrettable place to dine in. Will never visit this restaurant again.

Cafe Vienna
Ground Floor
Menara Hap Seng
Phone: 03-2072 7270 (Call Mon – Sat: 3pm – 5.30pm, not including public holidays)

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