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 My hubby as usual doing his weekend buy looking for good food in town and browse through living social website..he has been bugging me a while and showing me this London Town Restaurant menu which looks quite promising and attractive with the price of 50% discount to enjoy the ala carte menu and the location in Publika is just 15 minutes away from our home.
The offer from Living Social website RM50 Cash Voucher For Food & Drinks and we only paying for RM 25. The menu is quite pricey, so we bought two vouchers with the total amount paid of RM 50.

So i agree as we always wanted to explore new places to dine in. London Town is located at Block D3 and after few visits to Publika , we have become more familiar with this place. There is no reservation needed for 10 pax and below and you can just walk in anytime from 10am onwards as they served breakfast as well. We reached early, found the nearest parking, but we are still full ( just had our usual Sunday Wan Tan Mee), so i told hubby,,lets walk around for some grocery shopping first then we will come to have our lunch. 

When we come up from our parking, we also passed by this restaurant and i saw the place is quite small, with three or four tables occupied at 11.30am and i even saw the owner Mr. Nima sitting there and i actually wanted to said hello and passing over my namecard..but i thought maybe later he will be there.

So when we come back at 12.15noon, the place is fully occupied and we have to wait for the available seats. Bad impression when i was standing there for 5 minutes, no one entertain us and the lady staff, the above pictures was just busy making the shakes, juices and i observe only two  (Iran staff i guess) serving customer (one taking orders) , while another person is serving the meal and cleaning up the tables. 

The whole restaurant space is really pack , no room for movement..we waited for one table who have just finished their meal and paying for the bill..lucky enough because i do not wish to be seated outside at this hot weather with my girl. So we still waiting there, no people saying welcome to you..asking you how many pax..

i managed to look at the statement and images on the chalkboard on the wall..stated clearly..there is no salmon, cottage pie, roasted chicken, cake, chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream..and very big sign of First come first serve ( No Reservation)

So, we are standing there at the available corner end table waiting for the staff to clean the tables, waited for like 2 -4 minutes..after clearing up the plates and wiping the tables, there are still water on the table..i was asking my he done? oh no..still sticky all over the place..ok fine..i can clean it better i was looking around..the customer looks so miserable, anger on their face trying to check on their order, keep waving hand to call up the waiter..and people are showing some annoying faces there..

i already sense there is something wrong here and since we are here for lunch and we got the seats.. i will have just wait and see..quickly ordered our juice with celery RM 9.90 and Royal Milkshake Range (Oreo Milkshake) for RM 15.90, Banana Split (RM 13.90) , Crispy Fish Fillet (RM 18.90) and Meatlovers Mix Grill (RM 28.90)..Fast? Because i have browse through their menu at home before coming here.Total should be enough around RM 101.70. So we have ordered and waited for 10 minutes for our apple celery. 

The fresh juice is just average, i actually told the waiter..i want the juice without ice.. and yet i saw ice in my drinks.. i wanted to call him to change it..but since they are all so hubby said its alright.

Oreo Milkshake came later on , and i was searching for my Oreo..where is all my oreo? There should be at least one oreo biscuit on top of the cream or something like that..i saw in the blog review..this is so much difference! .My hubby said maybe the oreo is fully blended inside..hmm..too much of cream..but the girls really love it..For RM15.90? lucky we have vouchers in hand..

Now the interesting part i wanna share here..our drinks arrive after 10 minutes when we seated. we still waiting for our main course.. it's ok to wait..because we have been to any other restaurant who have bad service, bad quality of food, and long waited hours for our meal to be served..its been a while since then and i was sharing with my hubby for our past experience.. and we still laughing with it. ..saw the crowd coming in and getting more until the front i look at the time..

WOW it is already 1pm?? and i have waited my main course for 45 minutes? Never mind.. i will still give them a chance until 1.15pm..then i am going to raise my voice..i really want to control my temper and lucky enough i did not bring my second girl who can't even sit on the table waiting for the meal for more then 15 minutes. usually we need to finish our meal within 30 minutes then we are done and need to bring her to walk you know kids they can't be like sitting there for so long for their food and they really love to wondering around the place. 

There are long queue.. and the staff? i don;t think they have time to entertain them..i saw the lady is free now talking to the walk in customers, asking them to write down their names for waiting their tables. i can see the flow..from one table to another,, the main course served on their tables is very slow one by one coming out from the kitchen. the customers are looking at each other and wave their hands again and again.asking where is my order? how long i need to wait? and one lady was telling all better be prepared to wait for one hour for your meal to be served as they have waited quite some time for the available seats as well.

so my girl keep drinking the milkshake and the juices..already half gone.. and at 1.15 pm my milkshake is totally finished!
Hubby requested for warm water as he saw other tables are asking for it..i guess it should be free of charge. so when i want to start to ask my order..our main course actually arrive..oh god..ok now i can have my meal and i am really hungry by now.

I was surprised with total disappointment to get this piece of shit when my meatlovers mix grill served on my table. i turn 360  degree to look at this disgusting meal!!! there is no seafood? where is my big prawns? no tortilla chips? no chips? no corns? this is all stated in their website menu and the pictures? is totally so much of difference..hey..what's going on? i have waited for 1 hour 20 minutes and you really serve the BURNT chicken meat and the lamb meat for me?????? 

You must be kidding me and asking me to pay you for RM 28.90 ? ? No way!!!. the chicken ham is burnt on the side as well. the fries..not appetizing and all the sauce? is worst . the whole presentation.. SUCKS.!!! the chicken skin is wholly burnt

scorched chicken skin and you can see the outer part of the chicken..something missing there..upset, anger, frustrated, disappointed!  i won't be eating this and i was thinking i will have just ask for refund for another voucher and cancel my order for the banana split and this mix grill. The staff said sorry to me, understood but this is not the way you are serving customer with this kind of nasty food. I ask them to change another plate to me..

but i was scratching my head..if i change this.. i need to wait for another 1 hour? better i just walk off and ask for my refund tomorrow from Living Social website.This is really unacceptable!
hubby can still smiling? haha i ask for him to pose ..i want to take the picture background behind.. saw a customer very kind of him to clear up his table and taking all the plates, bowls and utensils to the back of the kitchen and take some tissue to wipe his tables..sigh..we are paying for the service change and we need to do this?? oh no..

The staff is running around, chasing orders, clearing tables, and the whole place is a mess. They also just ignore some customers who keep calling them. They also will start informing customers that the serving time is one hour and i saw many customers there start to leave this place and the outdoor seats is empty.

Crispy Fish Fillet..oh gosh..where is my buttered corn? there should be thousand island sauces..instead they replaced it with the mayonnaise ..and the corn? become the economic frozen mix carots, peas and corn.. The fish is fresh, crispy on the outer layer..but the fries is not served hot and the whole presentation of the food is really unpleasant!

So we quickly finished our fish fillet, i hold on to my two vouchers and hand over to the cashier. My hubby let me take control of the whole situation..anger on my face..he knows it very well.there goes my temper..the lady at the cashiers was asking the staff..where this customer seated..i answer at the corner end..what have they order?? the staff said you can check on the paper there..i look at their place.. the cash register is not functioning and they use manual way to calculate the bill and taking the orders by jotting down on the small pieces of paper and the orders are mix all over the place. this is really a bad management and customer service. so the lady could not find my order and was nagging the iran staff,,you all are taking the should know what customer have ordered..oh no..please..come on..stop the drama and get me the bill!!!! i told her.. i am telling you my juice, oreo milkshake and the fish fillet and i can mention all the price to her as well.

i told her i am not going to pay for your terrible service charge of 10% ! and she nod. and she is using the calculator to count my bill and write one by one on the manual receipts. but she is still putting in the 10 % but did not add on the 6% govt its fine total bill come out to RM 49.10, so i use one voucher to settle off my bill and another voucher i am going to keep it to make a complain to Living Social website for my refund!!!

I walked off this horrible and sickening place with irritation and i am going to tell all my friends and families..please do not dine in to this place and my advise to all those who have not redeem your vouchers? perhaps you can go for refund..or can try to visit this place at normal weekdays hours..or before 12noon to try your luck..but my cousin just told me..he nearly bought this voucher but was advise by her friend who was happen to be working in Solaris..the meal over here is only worth 2 cents!!! you can judge yourselves then.

This restaurant is bad enough to be able to hire only three staff working during weekends for the big crowd who have sold off in total 970 vouchers in Living Social Website! I have written a long comment in their FB page and after 1-2 hours, when i log in and check again my comment, the whole London Town Facebook page is gone..totally gone no where can be trace.

but the good thing for me is , i finally discover another restaurant that serves such terrible food to customer with bad service and i can update in my blog to spread the word around..anyway i have try the worst meal and service in Robot already get used to this kind of cheating merchant and yes of course some of the tactic being used by living social website to educate the merchant to reduce the portion of the food. will i still buy other vouchers from the online website? Yes why not!

* I think i can cook even better than your chef!!!

London Town (close)

D3-G3-1, Publika, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-6211 7411 |

Monday - Sunday 10.00am to 10.00pm (last call: 9.30pm) including public holidays

Email :

Menu :

Deal Link :


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September 14, 2014 at 12:41 AM delete

I experienced almost the same situation like you. It was such a horrible place to dine in at Publika.

Pooi Yee
September 14, 2014 at 11:26 AM delete

Yes horrible place to be and yet still selling so many vouchers in the online deals website..How they can serve such disgusting food to customers?? and overprice.

October 8, 2014 at 9:30 PM delete

I should have review food blog before purchase any vouchers >< and the menu provided on Groupon was absolutely different from the shop itself, and I felt got cheated 100%!! gosh!

Pooi Yee
October 9, 2014 at 1:03 AM delete

can you please contact groupon and get your refund..its you call..yes,,the top three worst restaurant in my food list

Pooi Yee
October 9, 2014 at 1:04 AM delete

i mean its your call...from my experience, i did not able to get refund from living know they are making money from this vouchers..but at least groupon is still better which they said 100% customer guarantee promise in their website. so i was frustrated and call the owner of the restaurant instead and i got my full refund