Living Social Website? Think again before Buy

Saturday, May 17, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

I have send email and raise ticket to Living Social Website on 12 May 2014, and they only reply the day after and just said they receive the ticket no and will reply by 2 working days. One 14 May i called to check again my ticket number regards to my bad dining experience in London Town Restaurant and i have been waiting in the line engaged for 10 minutes. I call to try again and again and the Living Social staff told me there are only 3 staff working to answer the call..i said can i wait on the line she said this is not possible and i ask again can i leave my number and you call me back? THEY SAID NO!. Oh my gosh..what customer service line is this? Groupon is doing much more better than this.. 

Sound very ridiculous to me and i need to call again later to try my luck if they pick up call. Call again seems like also cannot get through. Frustrated and finally manage to call but the lady keep me waiting in the line for so long with the music on the phone keeps me felt more irritating..she said need to check with the management and need another 2 i wait and saw email reply to me saying this " thanks for your email and we regret to hear your experience and we can only treat this as feedback to them..thanks for your kind understanding..I am waiting for their management approval and they give me this bullshit i need to call again today and engage all the time. call more than 7 times trying nonstop..

finally the lady pick up..sound rude and said they cannot do anything..their policy is no refund regardless the better they put it clearly in their website no reason will be accepted and not case by case situation. i argue that did you read my long story of my email and the pictures shown that the menu and the actual food is so much difference and this restaurant even serve customer with the burnt food?i should have ask the chef of the restaurant to come out and taste it infront of us!. 

she said she NEVER READ MY EMAIL...AND NEVER LOOK AT THE PICTURE! so she said there are no other people complaining but only me..i wonder izit true? so they wont refund anything. i only request my other voucher which i have not redeem yet and i wish to cancel this and get refund because my first voucher which i have redeem in this London Town Restaurant i alr dine in. with this reason they also won't proceed and keep saying that's it..they have no time to argue further..

i ask again..DID YOU CHECK WITH MERCHANT WHAT HAPPEN THAT DAY? SHE SAID NO..!! I raise my voice..i thought this is the basic job that you all should have done it before giving me the answer of NO!!! Living Social should check with merchant what is happening ..what is the condition that makes customer want to make refund..what is this? you never want to check and do your own responsibilities to investigate the problem and just keep my mouth shut by saying NO REFUND!

so the next time when buying from living social..there is no such thing as customer service to help customers inquiries.and no REFUND on what so ever reason

So i just called up the restaurant to ask and the operation manager Mr Bala told me that i can proceed to his restaurant and get my refund by cash..that's sound better and solution for me and yeah i am looking forward for this coming Sunday and i will update here.

Living Social Website?? Terrible customer service and so so unprofessional..go and get some training plz.