Rainbow Flower Seed @ MyDeal

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Amazing Flower Seeds. Choose from Rainbow Rose, Giant Sunflower, White Strawberry from RM12.90, FREE Delivery to WM Only. My hubby bought this deal from MyDeal and he actually wanted to surprised me for my birthday..i was actually waiting for it quite some time even after my birthday and i thought the surprise will only come in the month of May perhaps for Mothers Day??

Finally, a parcel have arrived under my name..but it was just a simple envelope and written my name on it. I felt weird and saw the address is from Johor?? Inside is the flower seed which is so small and wrapped nicely in a packaging with a A4 paper written the instruction how to plant it.This is a joke? i was thinking who send me this funny thing. My hubby was looking at it and my mum in law was asking what is that..

Soon, the next day, my hubby only telling me that he actually thought the deal that he bought is a bunch of rainbow rose instead of the seed.. he did not read it properly and just click on the buy button..Funny moment and this is really a special gift for me..when i talk it out with my colleague  and my family,they were laughing and smiling..saying your hubby is really cute and romantic..haha..funny and humorous ..so special gift..

No wonder the deal is only cost RM 13..There goes my birthday present with the tiny seeds.. and i don't even plant it..it was actually soaked by my mum in law for 3 days..but was thrown by my dad in law..haha he must thinking what rubbish is this..aiksss!! 

Deal Link : http://www.mydeal.com.my/deals/kuala-lumpur/amazing-flower-seeds-choose-rainbow-rose-giant-sunflower-white-strawberry-rm1290-?a_aid=kk6994

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