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Eastern Crab is located at Plaza Ampang City @ Ampang (KL). Very old building and i can hardly find any other restaurant here. Easily spotted at the Ground Floor and along the road. Eastern Crab is a Halal Restaurant and here offers mouth watering seafood with Asian fusion cuisines. The restaurant is famous of the crab and the master chef is from Hong Kong and using the best halal ingredients to prepare the scrumptious seafood.I am truly amazed of the chef here with his creativity to think of so many special dish

Our first menu - Shark’s Fin Soup.Thick hearty broth with all the fresh crab meat,crab roe, and shark fins. Can see the silver shark fin clearly and good to have this with a dash of vinegar and green chillies. Very aromatic braised soup to warm up my stomach.

This big bowl of shark fins can cater for 10 people serving, the shark fin is certainly delicious with clear crab roe, i can even find a large pieces of it with the shark fin and crab meat!

Next, we have the famous Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Salt & Pepper. The chicken wing is very crispy and garnished with deep fried garlic with hot chillies .I find it is a little bit dry for my taste bud. The spices it too much and i prefer the gravy type.This is one of their bestsellers and claim to be the most recommended dish to try on. Apparently, i think this dish is too spicy for me and i need to quench my thirst with a whole glass of water.

Juicy and tender chicken meat

Steamed Chinese Pomfret is like the typical serving in all Chinese cuisines. This fish is  steamed  just right and not overly cooked , so that this medium size of the fish is still fresh and the flesh inside is smooth enough. Great to have this dish with a bowl of rice added on with the soy sauce.

Extraordinary size of the Sri Lanka Crab shown to us before the serving of the food.

The signature Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab. In this restaurant they used Sri Lanka Mud Crab that comes in the XXL size.These Gigantic crab’s is covered with almost one whole pound of garlic with lots of spices and hot chilies for that spicy kick. The crab was superb delicious, and i am so addictive for this dish! The flesh is easily peel off and the claw is really big enough!

Singapore Spicy Chili Crab is succulent and in Singapore, this dish is very well known. If there is steamed man tau (bun) then it will be great. The thick gravy i love the most to poured onto my hot steaming rice. Extremely appetizing with huge ,fresh and meaty crab! Delicious!

Fried Siakap with Asam Paste. I love the crispy fresh siakap with the sweet and sour asam taste.The ingredients of the onions, lady fingers and chilies enhanced the taste of this dish. Thumbs up!

Salted Egg Sea Prawn .The presentation of the food looks like the cheese prawn, but this is actually the creamy salted egg and taste so good!!. Those are really giant size of the prawns as if i am having the lobster. Every bite is so juicy and i still recall the taste now and then. Crunchy on the outside and inside is very sweet taste of the fresh prawn. Enjoy sucking on the salted egg taste on every part of the prawn. Irresistible!

No.1 Seafood Hot Pot - The hot serving of the seafood claypot uses big crab meat inside which is peel off, together with the prawn, big sweet scallop and also some vegetables inside.The delectable dish is just nice with the taste not too salty and not spicy. Highly recommend to try this dish and good to be shared with a large group of people. You will be amazed and surprised that so many fresh seafood inside the whole hot pot and started to dig for more!

Lots of fresh squid, prawns and the flesh of the whole pieces of the crab is also inside and i also manage to taste the scallop. As you can see in the picture above, the claw is obviously BIG enough and so tempting. Of course the gravy not to mention is tasty enough with so many seafood inside!

Sauteed Chicken with Black Bean and Pepper- The chicken is drizzled with the onions, garlic, red and green pepper, dry chilies. I love this salty food sometime when it come to black beans, this is my favourite and its good to pair up with a bowl of rice too. The chicken meat is all stir fried with the taste of the savory black bean.Chicken breast meat is juicy too.

Mapo Bean Curd with Chicken Meat and Chilli Sauce - This looks interesting with lot of red chilies and i will be thinking this is going to be really spicy! When i first tasted it,  i did not felt any spicy taste at all, but when it goes slowly into your throat you can really felt the spiciness!The beanburd is stir-fried in the thick savoury mapo sauce, and together with the minced chicken meat with hot chilies..Surely you need to add more rice!

Fried Broccoli with Crab Meat. Very generous and  large portion of the crab meat which is cooked with egg white starch to make the sauce thicker just like having those 'kong fu yin yong'  in those hawker stall. The combination is pretty good with fresh broccoli, crab meat, white egg and this is healthy choices to balance up our dinner tonight. Suitable for family and kids too.

Ice Lemon Tea - Specialties here, i can really taste the thick layer of the ice lemon tea and this drink is really nice with a original taste of lemon with minimal sugar added. Very different from the one i have tasted before.

Fresh Mango Cream with Pamelo.Finally, we have our desserts with freshly sliced mango, pamelo and sago.  It’s really  rich of the mango taste and the mango cream, together with the taste of the pamelo is really blends well.I love the cold serving of the sweet mango and i am still thinking of the taste now. Refreshing desserts!

They also having the cake section

Food : Excellent
Service  Excellent
Environment : Good

Eastern Crab Restaurant

Lot G.02, Ground Floor, Plaza Ampang City, 332-A, 
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Ampang
50450, Kuala Lumpur

03-4251 4528

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 11:00-23:00