Waku Waku Restaurant @ Mid Valley

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Waku Waku Restaurant, RM20 for RM40 Cash Voucher for Food & Drinks (Midvalley Megamall) from LivingSocial. I always pass by this restaurant and there is no one at all. I guess that's why they are doing this good deal. So i decide to just buy one voucher to try our their food. 

Located at 3rd floor, Waku Waku serves japanese cuisine, a mixture of local food style, i find that their menu looks interesting, but the price is really expensive. For all the sushi food range, and sashimi, the price is really high and not worth the value. 

So i choose the house special 'Nasi Lemak Jepun'. The nasi lemak served in a sizzling stone pot with egg and vege. I did not taste anything on the chicken drumstick, not even a soy sauce. So i just mix all sambal and prawn sambal inside the nasi lemak. I don't really like the taste, and the sambal is not spicy. But for the price of RM 14.90 it is still affordable and for the big portion i guess this deal is also worth it. My hubby even mix the Japanese Sauce in the chicken hamburger (picture shown below) into the nasi lemak. So we are not fancy and not comfortable for this kind of food combination.

Chicken Hamburger Steak - For the price of RM 17.90, this is really expensive. There is no good impression on the food presentation either as i am really surprised for the tiny portion of the steak. Just like a kid's meal. The chicken hamburger is well cooked, but i would love to have more sauce.

Flower Tea - Apple Rose. Served hot even after one hour, still warm. Refreshing hot tea, i like the taste. Portion is big and more than enough for 2 person.

The mixture of nasi lemak, vege and egg. The rice is wet and too sticky.Tasteless.

New menu introduce for their spaghetti and pizza choices.  /

As usual my girl is playing the food more than finishing the whole meal on her plate.

She can behave for only few second to let us finish our lunch

Surprisingly, the day we dine in, this place is very crowded. Probably there is no longer food court available at Level 3, but I will not recommend for this place for dine in. The taste actually a little weird because of the combination of cuisine and i rather dine in at Sushi Zanmai for Japanese Food (more reasonable price for sushi)  and having steak at a western restaurant. Will not visit for second time.

Food :Bad
Service : Good
Environment : Good

Waku Waku :

Mid Valley Megamall, Lot T 015B, Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, 59200


Business Hours: 10am - 10pm

Deal Link : http://www.livingsocial.com/deals/499232-rm40-cash-voucher-for-food-drinks?show_missed=true

Facebook Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Waku-WakuMidvalley/405463632826196?fref=ts

Menu Link : http://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/everyday-coupons/s3_file_storage12/10/20121015163349_Waku_Waku_Main_Menu.pdf