Bu Shaun's Bar @ Restaurant @ Viva Complex, Jalan Ipoh

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Only RM9.90 for a Western Set Dinner with Chicken Chop/Fish & Chips + Soup/Salad + Drink at Bu Shaun's Bar & Restaurant instead of RM 29.50. I bought 3 voucher and bringing my parents in law to dine in. I was so upset and i felt bad when i have this kind of dining experience with my loved ones. Please do not visit this so called RESTAURANT!.

 This deal comes with the following choices:

  • One Fish & Chips OR Chicken Chop
  • One Mushroom Soup OR Green Salad
  • One Soft Drink OR Fruit Juice
    Soft Drink Fruit Juice
    100 Plus
    Ginger Ale
    Soda Water
    Tonic Water

When we first reach there, we are very surprised as this is actually a pub and not even a casual dining place. Have only outdoor seats if we are bringing children and not suitable at all for family dining. Only few chair available at the side corner and the place is really unpleasant. Only left mango juice and no other choices. Not as being promised in the website they have so many drinks to choose from. AGAIN! This happens. They just said they only served mango juice, not a fresh juice either,Only those from the bottle ready made. You can easily differentiate that. 

The mushroom soup is salty, and the salad is not impressive at all.No much of salad dressing. Plain!

The picture above is advertise in the deal website. But so disappointed  when we get our portion of chicken chop and fish and chip, the chicken chop are all in a mess, and looks so disgusting as the chicken chop seems to be expired. Hard piece of chicken chop when i have my first bite, and they fried it too long, the chicken is tasteless and the chicken texture is not fresh at all.  

Felt so hopeless and angry buying this deal. Even though is cheap for RM 9.90, the restaurant should have served us a proper meal . The fish and chops is the worst i have ever taste. Smelly and not fresh fish ( i wonder what kind of fish they put in to fried) and the fries no exactly the portion as what is being advertised. So far i have bought so many deals, this is the most terrible dining experience in an unpleasant environment and i felt cheated.

Surely will not recommended this place to my family and friends and this place looks run down. I wonder if it is still exists as i just recall to update this deal i have redeem sometime in Feb early this year. The mistake i have made, forgotten to take the picture of my actual meal and write a complain letter to everyday.com to have my full refund. 

But i guess that time everyday.com have the terms saying all redeem voucher have no refund. So that makes me hold back and i wonder now the current Living Social will they improve on their terms to let us give them feedback and ask for refund for such terrible dining experience that we have just like Groupon who value customer feedback.

Food : Bad
Service : Bad
Environment : Bad

The Company
Bu Shaun's Bar & Restaurant
B-1-1, Block B,
Ground Floor, Viva Complex,
378, Batu 2 1/2, Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-31232213

Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7pm to 11pm

Deal Link : http://www.everyday.com.my/coupons/kl/Bu_Shauns.htm