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i have redeem my voucher for the above deal at mid valley at rak thai

but to my dissapointment, i realised the merchant have given me the wrong dessert without i realising it until i came back and go into your website to check on the picture.When i ask the staff, they said yes this is the dessert.

plz reply me and i hope to get my full refund

Dear Evelyn Lee,
Good day! Thank you for supporting!

Regards to your email below, we regret to inform you that we are not able to give you a refund as you have redeemed the vouchers and eaten at the restaurant.

The value you have redeemed is over RM27 at the great price of RM10.90. If you did not redeem the voucher because of the wrong dessert than we would have consider about this issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused , next time in the future kindly inform the outlet if any of the orders are wrong. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. Thank you.

how do we know when we will get the wrong dessert on the spot?

we expect merchant to provide us the right menu on the deal purchase!

after we came back and check your website only we realise it.

Dear Evelyn Lee,
Good day! Thank you for supporting!

Regards to your email below, please kindly be informed that the deal is strictly not refundable and exchangeable.

The customers must be aware on the food they are taking in the restaurant when they using the vouchers to redeem the food.

We are not able to blame the merchant in this case since you did not complaint or notify the merchant during they serve the food to you. The merchant receiving a lot of customers and they are tend to forget the type of dessert that they should provide, it is the customers responsibility to make sure that they are receiving the correct food.

Complaints after the redemption is strictly not entertained. In the future please be aware whether the food is served correctly or not and if there is any problem, please do complaint on the spot and do not redeem the voucher!

The food which is served was accepted by you without any issue in that restaurant and it is not fair for our partner if we refund for the voucher which is already redeemed by the customer. No matter which deal is that, if there is any problem, complaint will only entertained if the voucher did not redeemed by the customer.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead.

Best regards,
Kaveta Ac
Customer Relation Executive

So that's the email link. The last email is really offending and seems like blaming all to customers side.So what else can i say? The very last time which i still remember i can get full refund with any dissatisfaction but now there is no longer protection and guarantee to the food and services which i am going to experience.Just be smart next round! Good Luck to all!