June 2011-My First Food Blog Experience

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Year 2011 is coming to end. Looking forward for 2012 to redeem more great deals and exploring new places to dine in.I am really happy and excited as in the month of December 2011, my blog managed to be publish in Foodie Blogroll and also featured in Everyday.com website.I still recall someone in my mind that really encourage me to start this food blog. Special thanks to Samantha  my 'Tong Cheh' for this brilliant food blog suggestion, my family members, especially my sis who always gives me positive feedback and guide me how to design the blog.

My lovely hubby who supports me..hehe buying all the wonderful deals. yum yum!, always bring me to dine here and there with no complains of the traffic jam, hard to find parking space and also being supportive of my blog. My naughty and cheeky princess for bringing laughter whenever we brings her to dine in.All the spoons, utensils and tissues will be all around the dining table and on the floor.

Thanks to my friends that gives me suggestions to improve my blog and spending their time for viewing it.Also to those online visitors who have visited my blog.Really appreciate that :)Memorable moment when i flash back all the deals that i have purchase so far with my hubby and we discover many new places and we really have great time spending together checking out the daily deals and have a great laugh for all the ups and downs experience we have gone through.Moreover, from my blog experience i have learn to improve my English grammar by browsing through the google and gain exposure from other food bloggers out there.So lets keep on writing on the good food out there to share the experience.Cheers!


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Jessie Koo
January 22, 2012 at 9:40 AM delete

Hey sis, a great job. Have a great 2012 and hope baby dragon brings you more and more food luck and enjoyment in time to come! Love.